Adopt-A-Stop Program

Indygo Adopt A Stop

Looking for a worthwhile community project? Then adopt an IndyGo bus stop—there are more than 4,000 just waiting for someone to love!

Whether you join as an individual, a business or a community group, our Adopt-A-Stop program is a great way to help the community and publicly show you take pride in your neighborhood. The whole goal is to keep litter off the streets and help us build capacity for maintaining our stops.

All you have to do is pick up any litter around the stop, empty the trash can, replace the liner weekly, clean shelter windows (if applicable) as well as report maintenance issues or vandalism to IndyGo. So, in as little as 10 minutes per week, you can make a big difference.

Harrison College Stop

Program Highlights

  • Adoptions are valid for one year.
  • IndyGo provides adopter with five one-day fare passes for fixed route service.
  • IndyGo installs a garbage can if one is not already at the stop.
  • IndyGo furnishes stop with a text-only sign featuring the adopter’s name (logos cost $100, but IndyGo may waive this fee for any not-for-profit with 501-C-3 status).
  • IndyGo supplies adopter with trash bags.
  • IndyGo recognizes adopter via various communication channels.

IndyGo Adopt-A-Stop Agreement

Adopt A Stop Location Before signing up for this program, please review our Adopt-A-Stop Agreement

Interested in requesting a new stop amenity such as a bench, bike rack, solar light, shelter or concrete pad? Submit your request to

Please note that IndyGo may not be able to accommodate every amenity request.  

Ready to Adopt-A-Stop

If you're ready to start making a difference in the community, you can either mail or fax in your completed Adopt-A-Stop application or fill in the online application below. Please allow 10 business days for a response, and 45 days for sign installation.    

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