Riding Tips and Guidelines

Below you'll find tips and guidelines to help make your IndyGo ride go smoothly. If you need assistance, please call us at 317.635.3344. 

Riding Tips


Map Covers

Plan Your Trip in Advance. IndyGo travels throughout Marion County via 30 local service fixed routes.

View our System Map (which also offers how-to-ride instructions) to determine the best route number(s) to take to your desired destination. From there, consult the individual Route Maps for schedules and major route stops.

Reading a schedule. Find the schedule for the day of the week and the direction you plan to travel. Find the time points nearest your origin and destination. Time points are shown on the map. Specific stops may be between time points. Read downward in a column to see times when a bus will be at a given time point. Read the row across to the right to see when the bus will reach other time points. A dash denotes that no service is available for the selected trip.

Bus Stop Sign

Once you know what route is most convenient, pick a bus stop. IndyGo Bus Stops either have shelters or bus stop signs. Make sure you are on the correct side of the street if you are traveling inbound, outbound or crosstown. 

If you are are in the mood to travel by bike and bus, you'll be happy to know we have bike racks installed at several of our stops. Our buses are also equipped with two-unit bike racks.

Bus Signage

Look for your bus. Be sure to arrive at your stop 5-10 minutes before the scheduled arrival time. Please note there are several routes where one or more IndyGo buses may overlap.

While waiting for your bus, make sure you look for the correct bus number. There is a display panel at the top of the bus (front and side) that lists the bus number and a final destination. Please allow other passengers to get off the bus before you board.

Bus Interior 1

Boarding the bus. If you did not purchase a fare pass in advance, exact fare is required. If you are using cash, deposit it into the fare box. If you have a pass, insert it into the pass reader. 

The side seats in the front of the bus are reserved for customers with disabilities. You may use these seats, but please relocate if those seats are needed.

Bus Interior 2

Getting off of the bus. There are pull cords above the windows throughout the length of the bus. When your stop is approaching, please signal the driver with the cord. It’s recommended you signal at least one half block before your desired stop. 

Exit from the rear door unless you need the bus to kneel, then exit from the front door. Step away from the bus and wait until it leaves before crossing the street. Never cross in front of the bus unless it's stopped at a red light.

Riding Guidelines

IndyGo has developed a set of guidelines for both its Fixed Route and Open Door services so that you, your fellow passengers and your professional coach operators remain safe and enjoy the commute.

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