Shelters and Benches

Each current shelter installation includes a three-sided shelter painted green to match the other recently installed shelters (or another color may be suggested). A bench and trash can should be included at each site. A map panel will be installed on the upstream side of the shelter for schedule and route information. For bench-only locations, the bench must be black metal with a center armrest. The benches can be anywhere from 4-8 feet wide, depending on space available and ridership.

Additionally, in placing the shelter or bench, the following guidelines should be followed: 

- Vertical obstructions must be minimum 12 feet high 
- Horizontal obstructions minimum 2 feet from edge of street
- Length of No Parking zone corresponds with stop location. (See Figure 2) 
- Traffic lane used by buses min. 12 feet wide. 14 feet is desirable.
- Sufficient pavement strength – concrete is recommended.
- For a 4’ by 8’ shelter, a concrete pad of 6’ by 10’ should be provided.
- For a 5’ by 10’ shelter, a concrete pad of 7’ by 12’ should be provided.
- For a 5’ by 15’ shelter, a concrete pad of 7’ by 17’ should be provided.

For a forward facing bench or shelter (opening towards the street), the shelter or bench must be at least 3’ from the roadway edge to allow an accessible walkway. For a backward facing shelter (opening away from the street), there must be a minimum 2’ clearance between the shelter and the roadway edge to allow the bus mirror to pass unobstructed.

- Avoid leaving narrow (1’-2’ wide) strips of grass in between the proposed concrete pad and existing pavement (sidewalk or curb). Enlarge the shelter pad if necessary to fill in these small gaps.
- Note: Shelter can be placed behind or beside the 5’x8’ clear zone pad, or anywhere such that pedestrian access exists.

Figure 1: Minimum Standards for Shelter Installation

Shelter Standards

Figure 2: Required Parking Restrictions

Required Parking Restrictio

Figure 3: Shelter Pad Details

Shelter Pad

Figure 4: Curb Details

Curb Details

Curbs And Sawed Joints1

Sidewalk Details1

Figure 5: Shelters and Signage

Shelters And Signage

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