Downtown Transit Center

Downtown Transit Center SE Corner

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Opening June 2016 & located at the southeast corner of Washington & Delaware

The Julia M. Carson Transit Center will be a hub for public transit. It will include a large public indoor waiting area as well as bus bays with canopies to protect passengers from the elements. IndyGo is also exploring retail space options in the Transit Center. With its close proximity to the heart of downtown, the Cultural Trail, and Bike Hub, the Julia M. Carson Transit Center will serve pedestrians, cyclists, and bus riders.

Downtown Transit Center New Interior

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The Transit Center has numerous amenities:

  • Indoor Waiting Area
  • Free Wifi
  • Public Restrooms
  • Ticket Sales/Customer Service
  • Small Retail Space


Downtown Loop

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Location selection: 

  • Its closeness to the current “downtown loop,” which most IndyGo routes serve is ideal.
  • A site this large with proximity to the center of downtown was unrivaled.
  • The land was donated by the City of Indianapolis. Meaning tax payer dollars were stretched further because the land was already publicly owned.


Downtown Transit Center Bus Bays

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IndyGo Routes & downtown stops will be affected: 

All downtown routes will change to accommodate the Transit Center. These changes will make the transit network more efficient, user friendly, and allow for smoother transfers.


Downtown Transit Center Overall

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Downtown traffic will be affected: 

Just like any major construction project, the Transit Center will temporarily disrupt traffic near the site with lane closures and delays. Permanent changes to traffic flow around the Julia M. Carson Transit Center, mainly Delaware and Alabama Streets, will be made once the center is in operation. IndyGo and the Department of Public Works will collaborate to create the best traffic pattern.


Downtown Transit Center Exterior

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The Transit Center is environmentally friendly: 

The Transit Center is applying for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Certification. This means the building will reduce its environmental impact during construction and operation. Some green features of the Julia M. Carson Transit Center include:

  • Storm water management and curbside rain gardens
  • Energy efficient lighting, heating, and cooling