Published October, 29 2013

IndyGo Advises Riders of Interruptions to Bus Service During Monumental Marathon Saturday, Nov. 2

INDIANAPOLIS (Oct. 29, 2013) – IndyGo passengers should prepare for detoured and delayed bus service throughout Indianapolis due to the Monumental Marathon race on Saturday, Nov. 2. Street closures begin as early as 7:30 a.m. on Saturday morning and are expected to last through 3 p.m. in some areas. The race will divert bus service from regular routing throughout the city. The service disruption area is bounded on the north by 71st Street, on the west by White River Parkway, on the south by Raymond Street and on the east by Highland Street.

Due to the extensive street closures, it is not feasible for IndyGo to detour around all points where routes intersect with the race path. As a result, long delays will ripple throughout the system as buses encounter roadblocks. IMPD will manage traffic flow along the race route and will periodically let vehicles cross the race path as allowed by the volume of runners at any given point.

All routes that serve downtown will use Indiana and Capitol Avenues for transfers. Customers in the near north side and mid-town areas should plan to use Illinois Street for outbound service and Capitol Avenue for inbound service for north- and northeast-side serving routes. For the safety of customers, IndyGo professional coach operators will only make service stops at designated, safe boarding areas.

Street closures will interrupt bus service on: 

  • Ohio Street affecting all downtown routes. For trips originating or terminating downtown, use Indiana Avenue at Capitol Avenue.
  • Route 2 south of 21st Street. Use Capitol Avenue or Illinois Street south of 21st Street or regular stops north of 21st Street.
  • Route 3 between East and West Streets. Use regular stops east of East Street, west of West Street.
  • Routes 4, 25 and 28 south of Michigan Street. 
  • Route 5 between Indiana Avenue at Michigan and 16th Street at College Avenue. Use regular stops east of 16th Street at College Avenue or west of Indiana Avenue at Michigan. 
  • Route 8 westbound between Southeastern Avenue and West Street. Eastbound service will be interrupted between White River Parkway and Southeastern Avenue.
  • Route 10 from College Avenue to Indiana Avenue at Michigan Street.
  • Routes 12, 13 and 14 north of South Street.
  • Routes 15 and 34 south of Michigan Street.
  • Routes 16 and 31 between downtown and Raymond Street. Use East Street between Washington and Raymond Streets.
  • Route 17 south of 21st Street. Use Capitol Avenue or Illinois Street south of 21st Street or regular stops north of 21st Street.
  • Route 18 south of 71st Street. Use Illinois Street between Kessler and 38th Street or regular stops north of 71st Street.
  • Route 19 south of 40th Street. Use Illinois Street between 40th Street and 38th Street or regular stops north of 40th Street.
  • Route 21 west of 10th Street at Dorman Street. Use Michigan Street or New York Street.
  • Route 24 north of Oliver and Division Streets. Use New York Street on IUPUI campus.
  • Route 37 east of West Street.
  • Routes 38 and 39 on Meridian Street. Use Illinois Street or Capitol Avenue between 38th and Michigan Streets.
  • Route 50 east of Capitol Avenue. 

Street closures will impact on-time performance for scheduled bus service in addition to Open Door ADA Paratransit service, so IndyGo reminds passengers that selecting an earlier scheduled bus trip is advisable. As traffic and road conditions change, streets may be reopened or additional streets may be closed, further impacting bus service. IndyGo Customer Service is available by phone at 317¬.635¬. 3344 Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays, 9 a.m. to noon. Customers should also be aware that the company’s online trip planner and information on Google Maps will not reflect changes to service due to detours.


About IndyGo:

IndyGo, the Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation, provides public bus transit services to residents and visitors throughout Marion County. IndyGo is led by President and Chief Executive Officer, Mike Terry, and a seven-member, bipartisan board appointed by the Mayor of Indianapolis and the City-County Council of Indianapolis and Marion County. On its 31 local service fixed routes and an ADA-compliant paratransit service, IndyGo provided 10.2M passenger trips in 2012. Visit or call 317.635. 3344 for more information. Find IndyGo on Twitter at IndyGoBus or Facebook by searching pages “IndyGo.”

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