Published January, 16 2007

Indianapolis – Promoting the message of working together to make a visible difference to central Indiana’s air quality, IndyGo today unveiled its 'Clean air is in' bus wrap, a partnership with the city’s Knozone program. Designed to promote environmentally friendly behaviors, the wrapped bus will be featured on several routes and encourage residents to ride the bus while contributing to less pollution.

"The Clean Air bus clearly points out one alternative to reduce poor air quality, and reminds us that all of us play a role in keeping our environment clean," said Gilbert Holmes, IndyGo President and CEO. "Mobile emissions are a major contributor to poor air quality. Even small changes such as taking the bus or carpooling a few days per week make a huge impact on our air quality."

IndyGo's bus fleet is making progress toward improving air quality. This month, all buses will switch to ultra low sulfur diesel plus 10 percent soy bio fuel to reduce pollutants, the wear and tear on vehicles and to increase fuel efficiency. Additionally, older buses will be retrofitted with particulate filters by May to eliminate 90 percent of fine particulate matter.

With more than 144 buses operating daily on its fixed routes, IndyGo reminds bus operators to avoid excessive idling. A few months ago, IndyGo also staggered the arrival time of buses at downtown locations to relieve congestion.

"We are pleased to partner with IndyGo on clean and green initiatives like Knozone," said Kumar Menon, director of the Department of Public Works. "Working together we are able to bring the message of environmental stewardship to a larger audience, which will make a greater impact on the quality of life we enjoy in central Indiana."

In 2005, the city’s Knozone program unveiled the theme, "Clean air is in," to transition Knozone into a year-round awareness campaign promoting small steps residents can make to improve local air quality. As part of its year-round campaign, Knozone has partnered with IndyGo on several initiatives to increase participation in bus ridership and other commuting options.

Previous IndyGo-Knozone partnerships focused primarily on increasing bus ridership on Knozone Action Days.

In partnership with Knozone, IndyGo launched its "Clean Air Pass" to encourage businesses and their workforce to try public transportation. After being contacted by the transit's Central Indiana Commuter Services (CICS) program, employees receive information about riding the bus including a free 10-trip bus pass, system maps, and route schedules. Next, participants are invited to complete a survey detailing their bus experiences and offered a 30-day bus pass to continue riding the bus.

Through CICS, a federally funded IndyGo program, commuters learn how to start their own carpool or vanpool, ride the bus, walk or take their bike to work. The program also helps employers set up pre-tax accounts for bus passes and vanpool fees.

As a reminder, central Indiana residents are encouraged to incorporate clean air practices into their daily commuting and social behaviors. Tips include:

* Don’t idle your car unnecessarily. Turn off the engine whenever possible.
* Ride the bus.
* Keep your car tuned up and tires properly inflated.
* Don’t burn yard debris.
* Organize a carpool or vanpool.
* Combine errands into one-trip.
* Conserve electricity. Turn off lights and appliances when not in use.

For more information about IndyGo’s routes and services, contact the Customer Service Center at (317) 635-3344, or visit the center at the Indianapolis City Market. You can also obtain information online at To find tips on improving central Indiana’s air quality, call (317) 327-4AIR or log onto CICS can be reached by calling (317) 327-RIDE, or visit

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