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Our free online trip planner generates bus trip plans based on your input. Similar to MapQuest, all you have to do is enter an origin and destination—such as a landmark, stop or address—and our trip planner will produce a personalized bus trip plan that includes route information, timing, transfers and even a map. Click here to start planning your trip

Please note that trip plans are generated automatically through complex computer algorithms, so the options you choose for "When" and "Travel Options" will impact your results and may not always give you the ideal plan. 

If you have questions about your personalized trip plan, please contact our customer service call center at 317.635.3344. Call center hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. to noon on Saturdays.

Step-by-Step Online Trip Planner Tips

Tip 1 - Choose a tab:

Trip Planner Origin

  • Landmark - This is the default tab for Origin and Destination.
  • Stop- This is helpful if you know the name of your bus stop.
  • Intersection - To help narrow your results, start with "City."
  • Address - To help narrow your results, start with "City".
  • Recent - If you are a return user, your computer will store information in the browser cache.

Tip 2 - Since IndyGo serves the metro area, it is important to select the appropriate city. Begin to type your city, then select from the drop-down menu.

Trip Planner City

Tip 3 - Repeat for all fields. Entering the first few characters for a street, landmark or city will narrow the drop-down menu. You can even use the tab key to navigate these fields.

Trip Planner Street

Please note directional information (North, South, East and West) comes after a street name. For example, "E. 16th St." is entered as "16th St. E." Single digit street numbers (1st through 9th) must be entered as "01", "02", "03" etc.

Tip 4 - Enter your destination information following the tips in steps 1 through 3. If you are using the "Landmark" tab and don't see what you are looking for, please contact us at

Trip Planner Destination

Tip 5 - Select a travel time. The default is the current time. We suggest selecting the "approximately" box to get the most efficient trip plan.

Travel Planner When 

Tip 6 - Choose your travel options. People often prefer the option "fewest transfers" for ease or navigation. Since IndyGo is a "hub-and-spoke" system, downtown is generally the most convenient and comfortable place to transfer.

Trip Planner Travel Options

Tip 7 - Click "Show Trip Plan."

Show Trip Plan

Reading Your Plan

  • The trip planner generates step-by-step instructions.
  • The numbers on the map correlate to steps.
  • The green flag represents your origin.
  • The red flag marks your destination.
  • A green line represents your walking path.
  • The red teardrop marks which bus stops you will use.
  • Use the + and - to zoom in and out.

Indygo Trip Planner Trip Plan

Our trip planner defines "walking distance" as 3/4 of a mile or less. If your origin or destination lies outside a 3/4-mile radius of a bus stop, no trip plan will be generated. However, there are still ways to use IndyGo. All buses are equipped with bike racks and many stops are located at shopping centers where you can "Park and Ride." To find the nearest bus stop, you can scroll the map tool that is integrated with the Trip Planner, or check out our system map to find the nearest route.

Enjoy Your Ride!

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