Open Door Application Process

Individuals interested in using the Open Door paratransit service must first apply for eligibility.

Application steps:

  1. Complete the Open Door Application. Applications are also available by calling IndyGo customer service at 317.635.3344.
  2. See your doctor or other approved certifying agent for completion of the Professional Verification form.
  3. Schedule an Assessment by calling 317.614.9260. The Assessment is an in-person interview designed to help IndyGo staff understand what your disabilities are and how they affect your ability to ride regular fixed route service. At the interview the IndyGo Assessment Team may ask you to perform some functional tasks that demonstrate your abilities. Bring completed Application and Verification form with you to the Assessment. If needed, transportation to and from the assessment can be arranged for you at no cost. 
  4. IndyGo will determine your eligibility based on the Application, Professional Verification, and the Assessment. If you are determined eligible, the Assessment Team will help orient you to the program and issue your Open Door ID card.

If you have any questions regarding these forms, the application process or the status of your application, please contact IndyGo's Open Door Assessment Center at 317.614.9260 or

Eligibility Period

Since the nature of disabilities can change over time, your eligibility period will be set by IndyGo. When the period ends, you must reapply. Some individuals may be granted permanent eligibility. If IndyGo staff determines your disability is permanent, you may utilize the "self-certification" option. Self-certification eliminates the need for subsequent in-person Assessments at the IndyGo offices.With "self-certification," all the eligible customer has to do is complete an application form to request continuation of service before the end of his or her certification period. 

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