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IndyGo and the People for Urban Progress (PUP) have developed a unique partnership to enhance some transit stops throughout Indianapolis – known as PUPstops. With the support of DevelopIndy’s 16 Tech redevelopment project and the City of Indianapolis, PUP has salvaged existing Bush Stadium seats and is refurbishing the seats to be repurposed as street furniture and souvenirs.The first “pilot” seats were installed in December 2011, steps away from the Cultural Trail and Massachusetts Avenue. 

Pup Sign Participate in this program that improves transit stop amenities, supports responsible manufacturing, fosters civic pride and preserves a piece of history.

Each PUPstop will feature a commemorative sign that recognizes the supporter who made the improvement possible.

Installed PUPstops

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Interested in supporting a PUPstop?

  • If there’s a location that currently has no transit bench where you would like a set of Bush Stadium seats, the donation is $850. IndyGo will split the cost of the new location if it’s eligible for an upgrade. We’ll also cover installation of the seats and the commemorative sign.
  • If you or your business wants to sponsor a PUPstop at an existing IndyGo bench location, the cost of a new bench is $1700.00. This donation provides the purchase of a refurbished set of four Bush Stadium seats. IndyGo will replace the existing bench with the PUPstop bench and install a commemorative sign with your name (or your company’s logo). 
  • To request a PUPstop, please complete our PUPstop Request Form . Depending on the unique site, installation could take up to 90 days due to public right of way license processing, site plans, construction and installation. 
  • If you think they are super cool and just want one for your home or business (interior or exterior), contact PUP directly about purchasing a set of seats.

 While IndyGo has thousands of bus stops throughout its system, not all locations are eligible for stop amenities like benches and shelters. We evaluate each request on a case by case basis. What we look for:

  • Existing infrastructure to support an amenity like sidewalks and curb cuts, especially for ADA accessibility
  • Right of way
  • Ridership levels

Other factors involved in our transit amenity installation process:

  • Professional design of a selected location and site drawings
  • License through the City of Indianapolis’ Office of Code Enforcement
  • Professional construction of concrete to support the installation of a bench

About PUP

PEOPLE FOR URBAN PROGRESS is an Indianapolis innovation center and do-tank that develops projects that enhance the city’s urban quality of life. We operate at the intersection of transit, environment, and design, using both projects and products to engage, educate, and motivate the public. Check out www.peopleup.org to get involved.

Reason for Donations

IndyGo has limited funds for transit amenities such as shelters and benches and funds are necessary for A&E, construction and the procurement of the actual amenity. We are asking for donations from our community partners to balance out the actual cost of the bench unit. In other words, the refurbished Bush Stadium seats are a little more expensive than our existing benches, so donations allow us to maintain our project budgets consistently.

Terms of Donation

If your interest turns into a reality, IndyGo will document the balance owed in advance of the PUPstop donation. The PUPstops will remain the property of IndyGo. Replacement of damaged, demolished or stolen seats will be to the discretion of IndyGo management. Individuals and/or Businesses donating funds towards the refurbishment of seats have no ownership or rights to the property, license agreements or any other bus stop related items.

Should IndyGo install an amenity on private property, separate documentation is required granting permission for the transit stop improvement/amenity.

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