We are moving our city forward with a new fare system! Tap and GO with MyKey. IndyGo is giving a more convenient way to pay.

With a reloadable MyKey card and the MyKey mobile app you can ride any time of the day. Just Tap and Go!

Riders can still pay with cash on the bus for a 2-hour transfer ticket or day pass.

Single rides will remain the same price $1.75 and a day pass is still $4.

Using MyKey

  1. Download the MyKey mobile application on your phone or purchase a reloadable card at any ticket vending machine or at the customer service desk
  2. Register your account through the mobile application, online or by calling 317-635-3344
  3. Load money to your card or mobile application
  4. Tap your card or scan can your phone
  5. Ride

*All riders must present valid fare to inspectors when asked. Fare penalties are being finalized currently.

*Fare passes are non-refundable and nontransferable; they cannot be sold to other riders.

Fare Capping

Fare Capping gives riders an alternative to a week or month pass. It removes the barrier of the upfront cost of passes by providing a “pay as you go” fare structure with a “cap” on the amount paid by a customer. Fare capping is a new feature available only through the MyKey fare system.

*Weekly fare-capping ($15.75 full fare / $8.65 half-fare) only applies to registered MyKey users. Register your account online or by downloading the mobile app.

*Using cash on the bus will not count toward fare capping. 

What about transfers?

All riders will receive a 2-hour transfer!

With each paid trip, riders will receive a timestamped two-hour transfer ticket. The transfer ticket allows for unlimited transfers within two hours of fare validation.

Explain Fare Capping

The daily cap ($4.00 for full-fare, $2.00 for half-fare) will allow riders to experience similar benefits of the existing 1-day pass. Weekly fare cap benefits will occur after a full fare pay ($15.75 for full-fare/ $8.65 for half-fare). Only charged trips will count towards the cap.

Daily and Weekly Fare Capping are applied to MyKey Accounts EITHER on your card or mobile application. The Fare Capping can only be applied to one at a time. You may switch week to week, but within the same transit week, you must exclusively use your Card or Mobile Application to capture the benefit.

When Can I start using MyKey?

The MyKey fare system will be fully operational for all IndyGo customers beginning in September. To allow for all riders to adjust to this transition, IndyGo’s full system will be free the month of September.

Where Can I Purchase a MyKey Fare Card?

IndyGo offers multiple ways to purchase a MyKey Fare Card. MyKey will accept credit or debit cards. Cash transactions will only be made at the Transit Center, Ticket Vending Machines or on any local bus.

There will be a one-time admin fee of $2, for those who purchase a physical card. Mobile purchases will not be subject to the fee.

  • By Calling Customer Service
  • Purchase in-person at the Transit Center customer service desk
  • Purchase MyKey at Ticket Vending Machines located at Red Line stations and Transit Center
  • Purchase MyKey Fare at retail locations, beginning March 2020

All credit card transactions at ticket vending machines, online, mobile app, on the phone or in-person, will require a $5 minimum unless adding funds to an account.

Can I Still Pay Cash?

Using cash on the bus will not count toward fare capping. However, cash will be accepted at the Transit Center and at Ticket Vending Machine locations. 

What About the Current Paper Passes?

For now, you can still purchase your preferred paper pass option, however, IndyGo will be phasing out paper pass sales over the next six months and will help transition customers to the MyKey fare system.

All passes will continue to be sold up until the time that a network of retail locations is operational to allow for sales and reloading of MyKey fare cards. This is expected to be available in Spring 2020. More details on the discontinuation of paper passes will be communicated at a later date.

Reduced Fare

An eligible rider may apply for reduced fare programs at the Transit Center customer service desk. If eligible, customers will receive a photo ID reduced-fare, MyKey Card marked with the proper qualifications.

Veterans will remain free and will receive a MyKey Fare Card.

  • To receive reduced fare, the customer will need to pay with their reduced fare MyKey Fare Card – the mobile app and other media will charge the full fare amount
  • Cash fare payment will remain for eligible customers who provide proof of reduced fare qualification on local routes and BRT (paying with cash on-board BRT vehicles is limited to reduced fare eligible customers only)
  • Open Door Customers will automatically qualify for reduced-fare


Multiple Accounts

The MyKey system will allow customers to link their account with other MyKey customer accounts. This will allow for simple reloading or transfers of account balances for linked accounts using the MyKey mobile app or MyKey customer website.