Stay Informed

IndyGo held several community open house meetings to provide information on staff’s recommendations for how to move forward with the remaining local route improvements that are needed to fully implement the agency’s network redesign. The public was invited to attend and share their feedback on the proposed updates to the future service plan. Each meeting included a brief presentation and Q&A segment. (See photos below.) You can view the recording of the virtual meeting online HERE.

IndyGo’s project team is using the feedback provided to further ensure the updated future service plan aligns with the community’s expectations. Once finalized, the updated plan will be presented to IndyGo’s Board of Directors for their final decision. It is anticipated this will occur during the regularly scheduled November Board Meeting.


Tell Us What You Value

One unique aspect of this COA is the need to extend the timeline and break the implementation of IndyGo’s future service plan into more phases than anticipated when the 2016 COA produced the Marion County Transit Plan. You can help ensure that we are on the right path! 

MetroQuest is an online survey tool that the IndyGo team is using to gather feedback from the public and is just one of the ways that we can ensure our transportation planning efforts are informed and equitable. IndyGo will use this feedback here to inform upcoming public outreach and engagement efforts, and to ensure that our services align with the needs of our community, now and in the coming years.

Help Fuel Today’s Conversation!

To ensure that we continue down the right track and that the proposed improvements to IndyGo’s network redesign will result in better bus service throughout Marion County, we’ve prepared the survey below. It’s designed to describe some of the more substantive changes and will gather feedback on the proposed improvements to the network redesign.

Local Route Improvements Survey

Make Your Voice Heard!

The results of this second MetroQuest survey coincides with the route-level survey that, together, will be used to inform the formal adoption process. You can find the Review of IndyGo’s Network Redesign Improvements survey below.

IndyGo's Network Redesign Improvements Survey

Project and Route Change Updates