Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IPTC)


The Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation d/b/a IndyGo (“IPTC”) will be releasing an Invitation for Bid and related Bid and Contract Documents (“Solicitation Documents”) for construction of  IndyGo East Campus B Building Project.

By law, transit agencies such as IPTC are required to protect sensitive security information (“SSI”).  SSI is any information whose disclosure may compromise the security of the traveling public, transit employees or transit infrastructure. Certain pages that are included in the architectural/engineering and design documents and specifications for the Project contain SSI.  Protecting SSI means restricting its distribution and controlling access to it.  Only persons with a “need to know” may access SSI.  Potential bidders for this Project, including subcontractors, regardless of whether such potential bidder ultimately bids on the Project, are considered individuals/entities with a “need to know” this SSI.

To access Solicitation Documents containing SSI:

Because IPTC must restrict access to and distribution of SSI, IPTC will be posting the Solicitation Documents to a secure document site.  To obtain access to the secure documents, potential bidders will be required to execute a non-disclosure agreement which addresses the appropriate handling, storage, use, reproduction, transmittal and destruction of the SSI (“NDA”).  Solicitation Documents containing SSI will only be released to those executing an NDA.  All prime bidders to IPTC must execute an NDA.


Download Solicitation

Requested contact information helps IndyGo meet FTA Guidelines in developing bidder’s lists and increases our ability to contact vendors regarding the postings of addenda or other important changes to the solicitation package.  Interested parties can also email us at procurement@indygo.net to request procurement documents.