On December 15th at 9:00AM and December 16th at 3:00PM IndyGo hosted two Purple Line Informational meetings for vendors interested in getting an inside look of the construction project. Here you will find the recorded sessions for both the 15th and 16th.

Recording of the 15th: Purple Line Construction Informational Meeting #1 – Zoom

Passcode: 3SCsDT5&

Recording of the 16th: Purple Line Construction Informational Meeting #2 – Zoom

Passcode: h*c$6GEd

For additional information such as the vendors that registered/attended the informational sessions, Powerpoint presentation in PDF form, fact sheets and more, please scroll below.

Purple Line Outreach & Networking LinkedIn Group: IndyGo Purple Line Outreach & Networking | Groups | LinkedIn

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Please note that this project is not currently out for bid.

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