IPTC is constructing three bus rapid transit lines, the first being the Red Line. Bus rapid transit provides many of the operational characteristics of light rail, but without the added time and expense of the installation of rail infrastructure. One key difference between BRT and LRT is the lack of the physical guidance system, e.g. rails. The guidance system provides consistent and reliable boarding, including minimizing the horizontal gap to meet the ADA standard (less than 3 inches). Without rails, closing the horizontal gap to below the ADA standard (3 inches) relies mainly on operator skill. When an operator fails to close the gap, the operator is trained to deploy bridge plates (and the ramp at side stations), increasing dwell time. IPTC is instituting a rigorous training program and installing physical devices at each station to increase the margin of error to meet the horizontal gap, but IPTC is interested in deploying a technological solution to eliminate the problem.

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