IndyGo’s three Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines operate or will operate in dedicated lanes along a high percentage of their corridors. Given the extent of these dedicated lanes, the BRT system’s sources of transit delay are either dwell time at stations or intersection delay at signals. When Transit Signal Priority (TSP) is optimized, intersection delay should, in theory, be eliminated.

IndyGo is looking to reduce transit delay by optimizing its TSP performance. In addition to exploring technology solutions for future capital projects, IndyGo desires to implement advanced analytics along three BRT routes and select local routes using high-resolution controller data to enable better monitoring and management of TSP.

The goal of this RFI is to identify fully developed, proven technology and to confirm its compatibility with existing systems through the use of a temporary, 30-day proof of concept (POC). IndyGo is especially interested in applications that incorporate the use of high-resolution controller data to quantify transit vehicle signal performance measures.

Procurement Schedule

RFI Release
November 6, 2020
Written Questions Due
November 20, 2020 4pm (EST)
Response to Written Questions
November 27, 2020
Electronic submission Information Due
December 16, 2020 4pm (EST)


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