Purpose and Goal

Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation, herein as IPTC, is looking for request for information on operating and maintaining a circular route similar to IndyGo’s route 901-service.

Currently, IPTC is the sole fixed-route transit operator in Marion County, Indiana. However, there are multiple mobility providers throughout the county and the Central Indiana Region, including suburban transit providers, transportation network companies (TNCs), taxis, scooters, shared bikes, among others.Currently, IPTC provides a 13.1-mile bus rapid transit service (BRT) line from the University of Indianapolis to College Ave. and 66th St. in Indianapolis, IN.  From College/66th St College/91st St IPTC operates local service as part of the BRT line.  This section of the route is known as Route 901 College.  IPTC is looking for services to be provided between the College and 64th to the Nora area which encompasses 86th/91st/College Ave.

The service will depart the 64th St at 30-minute interval seven days a week. The route requires two shuttle buses to provide the service at a time. Service span will be approximately 5am – 1am. The proposed revenue service hours are approximately 7,000 a year.

The goal of the Route 901 College is to provide IPTC with an efficient, standalone route to carry passengers from the new Red Line charging location to the Nora area.  Passengers can transfer to and from the Red Line at the 64th St. charging location.

The goals of the 901 Northside Shuttle program

  • Provide IPTC with an efficient, reliable method of carrying passengers to and from College and 64th station to Nora. At this time, IPTC is envisioning a charging station where all passengers will transfer to and from the circulator shuttle.

IPTC is looking to maximize efficiency with individual transit Contractors to continue to provide ongoing transportation to the public.

It is IPTC purpose to utilize a contractor to effectively resolve demand. Retail shops, residential homes, banks, churches and a library will all be accommodated by the services of such contractor.

IPTC is issuing this Request for Information for the purposes of determining if there is a contractor to supply services to accomplish this task, in whole or in part to provide non-CDL shuttle drivers, training, supervision, insurance, fuel, fleet maintenance, and project oversight for a one year term starting in the spring 2021 with possible extension options.


Procurement Schedule

RFI Release
December 1, 2020
RFI Questions Due
December 10, 2020 4:00pm(EST)
RFI Responses Due
December 16, 2020
RFI Submittal Due
December 23, 2020 4:00pm (EST)


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