The overarching objective for the Mobility Concierge Program is to provide the infrastructure needed for a resident to complete a trip using multiple mobility services. In this way, IndyGo seeks to position itself as a manager of regional mobility through the new infrastructure, including enhanced customer service support. The purpose of hiring a Subject Matter Expert (SME) is to help IndyGo: 1) develop a mobility payment integration framework, and 2) prepare  an RFP, or family of RFPs, for the procurement of a technical solution(s) using the remaining grant dollars. Note that to remain eligible to submit a response for a future RFP(s) to provide the technical solution(s), a respondent must pass on this opportunity of potentially becoming IndyGo’s SME.

For the purposes of this Request for Proposal, an SME must possess a firm grasp on the current state of trip planning and mobility payment integration and have first-hand knowledge of needed steps to deploy mobility payment integration, including how to optimize solutions to the cross-cutting issues associated with application programing interfaces (i.e. access to application program interfaces and the need for standardization), data rights and sharing needs, customer service, data security and tokenization, and providing service equitably to all customers. An SME must also possess the ability to deepen IndyGo’s understanding of the business models currently offered by MaaS providers; whether established or emerging. An SME who has helped transit agencies successfully navigate the following:

  • Policy, Planning, and Governance
  • Multi-modal payment products and architecture
  • Payment settlement and revenue reconciliation
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Customer Service
  • Security
  • Alternative ways to collect fares under an integrated, account-based fare collection system
  • Resources to launch and sustain the program

Procurement Schedule

Release of Solicitation
April 30, 2021
Written Questions to be Submitted
May 10, 2021 2:00pm EST
Answers Released as an Addendum
May 14, 2021
Proposals Due
May 25, 2021 10:00am EST
IPTC Board Meeting
June 24, 2021 5:00pm EST
Notice of Award Letter
June 25, 2021

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