Future Needs (12 Month Outlook)

Future Needs:

Are you a vendor that’s interested in doing business with IndyGo? We’re working to make it easier for potential bidders like you to get a full picture of upcoming contracting opportunities and have put together this 12 Month Outlook as a resource for vendors.

This is designed to allow vendors a preview of purchases for services, equipment and commodities that we anticipate in the next 12 months, many of which are related to our day-to-day transit operations, including specialized parts and services (such as printing), as well as information related to construction projects, like the Red Line Bus Rapid Transit Route.

For information on partnering with IndyGo as a vendor, please email procurement@indygo.net


Anticipated Awards for April through June 2017: 

Wireless Vehicle Communications


Bus Shelter and Sign Maintenance Services

Workers Compensation and Risk Management

Occupational Health and Testing Services

BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) 60′ All Electric Buses