Background & Public Involvement

Since 2009, various studies and sustained public involvement under the banner Indy Connect have helped sculpt a detailed plan for regional mass transit with the support of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority (CIRTA).

An effective public involvement program provides for an open exchange of information and ideas between the public and transportation decision makers. The objective of IndyGo’s public involvement process is to support proactive public involvement at all stages of planning and project development.

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Hundreds of public meetings to gather input from the public have taken place over the years to help refine what the transit priorities are for Central Indiana.

In 2014, IndyGo Forward helped set a direction for the agency’s future investments. Public discussions focused on the tradeoff between coverage-based services and ridership-generating services. With comments from IndyGo Forward and Indy Connect, a specific Marion County plan has been developed.

In February of 2016, IndyGo introduced the Marion County Transit Plan to the public. Legal notices, paid radio and internet ads, on-board print and audio announcements, postings at major stops in the downtown area, direct communication to e-newsletter subscribers, social media, website updates, press releases and partner communications gave options to learn about the plan. In just over 5 weeks, IndyGo hosted or attended 17 meetings to promote the plan and gather feedback.

February through April 2016 Marion County Transit Plan Outreach Events:

2/5/2016 MCTP Open House @ Central Library
2/10/2016 Indy Hub :: Dinner Series Irvington
2/13/2016 MCTP Open House @ Haughville Library
2/15/2016 MCTP Open House @ CAFE
2/15/2016 Town Hall Meeting @ Wayne Township Library
2/16/2016 Garfield Park Neighborhood Association Meeting
2/22/2016 Michigan Rd./ Riviera NA Meeting
2/27/2016 MCTP Open House @ Central Library
2/27/2016 Southside Envisiong Summit
3/2/2016 Downtown YMCA Top 10 Coalition MCTP Presentation
3/8/2016 Carriage House Apartments
3/9/2016 Indy Hub :: Dinner Series Nora
3/9/2016 IMPD Community Conversation
3/10/2016 Connexion Event hosted by Indy Chamber
3/10/2016 Warfleigh Annual Meeting
3/14/2016 MCTP Open House @ Nora
3/16/2016 tech + fashion + transit + urban
3/17/2016 Next Stop Opportunity
3/21/2016 MCTP Open House @ City of Lawrence
3/23/2016 MCTP Open House @ Speedway
3/24/2016 State of Downtown w/Downtown Indy
3/30/2016 MCTP Open House @ E. 38th St.
3/31/2016 MCTP Open House @ Indianapolis Urban League
4/5/2016 MCTP Open House @ Perry Township

Public Comments

IndyGo collected comments at meetings, online, and through the customer service call center.  Staff received and reviewed 97 comments.

Overall Comments – 97

  • Positive – 36
    • Better Frequencies – 5
    • Longer Hours – 12
    • Better Weekend Service – 11
    • General Support- 15
  • Neutral/Questions—34
    • Clarification— 2
    • Suggestion—32
    • More Coverage – 17
    • General Suggestion – 15
  • Negative slant or concern expressed— 20
    • Safety – 1
    • Access/Usefulness – 5
    • Farther Walk – 4
    • Rail – 1
    • Full-on Opposition – 3
    • General Concerns – 3
    • Cost – 3

Key Themes:

  • Desire to have longer hours of service
  • Cross-town Connections
  • Citizens want greater frequency
  • Access to routes
  • Providing more coverage
  • Better weekend service

The Marion County Transit Plan is generally well received. Positive feedback focuses on the benefits of increased service hours and general support for a more robust transit system in Indianapolis. The majority of the comments were questions and suggestions which centered on adding more weekend service and additional system coverage to reach areas currently not served. There are concerns about the consolidation of routes and how that will affect particular corridors in terms of ease of accessibility to routes. Some citizens are concerned about having to walk further to a stop. Additionally some have expressed the desire for more frequent service on the South and West sides of the city.

Changes to the Plan Based on Comments

Staff reviewed comments and assessed what changes could be made to improve the plan and enhance equity especially on the west, south and southeast sides.  A summary of the changes made to the plan follows:

  • High frequency for West 38th Street.
  • New north-south connection on west side to facilitate transfers outside of downtown.
  • New service to Park Fletcher on southwest side.
  • New service structure on near southside to better serve denser areas and improve service compared to current day.
  • Improved frequency for inner southeast area including high frequency for South East Street and Beech Grove.