Central Avenue 2-Way Conversion

IndyGo and Indianapolis Department of Public Works are partnering to plan and construct changes on Central Avenue to allow two-way traffic from Fall Creek Parkway to 10th Street.

Resurfacing, new signals, and pedestrian bump-outs are all elements of the project.

Benefits of Two-Way Conversion include pedestrian safety, improved traffic circulation, and generates higher transit ridership by making the system easier to use.

Construction is anticipated to begin in mid-July and be complete by October.
In March, IndyGo and DPW hosted public information outreach meetings.

Central Ave Two-Way Presentation 

The following are updates, answers, or changes to the plan included after voiced input from the public.

Request to add left turn arrow or separate lane turn phase for 16th Street at Central Avenue for IndyGo bus route #5 making westbound left.
With new network map in 2019, route #5 will be eliminated so buses will no longer make turn from 16th to Central.

Concern about visibility with existing bus shelter at 21st Street intersection.
IndyGo is removing the bus shelter after construction of the 2-way conversion project.

Concern about visibility at 23rd Street with frequent bus stop; collisions at intersection.
IndyGo is removing the bus stop at this location.
DPW will monitor the intersection after construction of the project.

Request for protected crossing at 17th and Central.
Bump-outs and crosswalks are being added at 17th and Central which will include yield bars and pedestrian signing similar to other non-stop controlled crossings of Central. See image below.

Request for protected crossing at 13th and Central.
The bump-out locations have been revised to more closely align with each other. Bump-outs are a traffic calming tool, and these will help to slow the speed of traffic and improve visibility of pedestrian crossings. Also, ADA ramps are added at this stop. For pedestrian crossings, yield bars and pedestrian signing similar to other non-stop controlled crossings of Central Avenue will be provided.

Request to consider lowering the speed limit from 35 mph to 30 mph.
DPW is looking comprehensively at speed limits in the entire downtown area and beyond, and thus this area will be considered as part of this larger review. At this time, the speed limit will remain at 35 mph.

Parking near intersections should be limited due to sight distance.
DPW determined that parking will be restricted at each intersection to the length of 2 parking spaces and with the use of “No Parking Here to Corner” signage.

Request to eliminate parking on the south side of 17th Street for southbound turning vehicles.
DPW may consider this in the future, but the current project does not address 17th Street.