What are Super-Stops?

  1. Upgraded bus stops along high frequency routes in downtown Indianapolis
  2. Include near-level boarding, real-time arrival information, lighting and covered seating, boarding room for 2 buses at a time
  3. Spaced every 3 blocks in downtown corridors
  4. May include bus-only or bus-and-turn lanes for reliability and traffic flow

Final lane configuration decisions will consider stakeholder and public input as well as an ongoing traffic study for each intersection.

Super Stop Example:

Why Super-Stops?

The Super-Stops will make using public transit easier and more accessible.

In 2019, local buses will arrive more frequently on Delaware and Alabama Streets – buses arriving every 3-5 minutes.

In 2021, Purple Line Rapid Transit buses will also use Alabama and Delaware to the Transit Center.

Super-Stops maintain on-time performance, speed up the boarding process, and increase passenger comfort and safety.

Where will the Super-Stops be downtown Indy? 

Map of Proposed Super-Stops

IndyGo is proposing Super-Stops at the following locations:
– On Delaware at New York
– On Alabama at New York
– On Delaware at North
– On Alabama at North
– On Fort Wayne Avenue between Sahm Street and 9th Street

Super Stops Presentation Spring 2018 

Super Stops Renderings