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Need a creative way to advertise your company around town? If so, try bus advertisingwhere everyone in Indianapolis can be your captive audience!

Folks can't flip the newspaper page, turn the TV channel or switch the radio station.

In general, bus advertising penetrates every part of a community with dynamic displays, delivers high-profile exposure near point-of-purchase locations as well as generates quick recall which can establish brand awareness.

Using IndyGo advertising guidelines, Clear Channel Outdoor oversees all forms of  interior and exterior advertising on IndyGo's fleet, which consists of 147 local service buses, four downtown/airport express buses and 80 Open Door paratransit buses. All in all, IndyGo provides an average of 9 million passenger trips per year, with coverage dominating the downtown area.   

Transit Shelter Ads Clear Channel Outdoor also offers advertising at 56 IndyGo shelters around the city. Transit shelters offers outstanding visibility and quality impressions within a glass showcase and delivers high circulation figures because of their curb side positioning along main roadways. Each shelter network contains an equal number of shelters in the downtown area where more than 180,000 people live and/or work. To learn more about transit shelter advertising, watch this video created by Clear Channel Outdoor.

For more information on IndyGo bus advertising, call Clear Channel at 317.634.1900.

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