Because a city moves forward only as well as it can move its citizens, a successful transportation system is critical to our community’s success.

About Us

A key measure of any great city is simply the ease of getting from one place to another. We call it “mobility.” It’s as essential as access to electricity and clean water. It’s literally what moves a city forward to become a better place of opportunity and community. It’s a measure of a city’s vitality and potential, and it reflects a city’s judgment about its civic priorities. It makes a city a better home and a better place to visit.

At IndyGo, getting people from one place to another is much more than just moving riders, it’s about getting our riders to their hopes and dreams, to their education and careers, to their families and friends, to their health and well-being, and to another day of life in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.

We are IndyGo, a Municipal Corporation of Indianapolis – Marion County, and we’re proud to be the largest public transportation provider in the state of Indiana. We operate 31 transit routes throughout the county, providing nearly 10 million passenger-trips a year to the good citizens of our region.

We’re here because you’ve got somewhere you need to be, and you need an easy, reliable way to get there. So come on; get on and get going to wherever you want to go, on IndyGo.

Our Values

As the region’s largest transit authority, we are duty-bound to set the bar for transparency, trust, and overall professionalism.



There’s an entire hierarchy of civic offices and entities with whom IndyGo works to satisfy our riders. As with any effective transit authority, responsiveness is our watchword.


A modern city is a melting pot of diversity, and we’re firm believers that IndyGo should lead by example and reflect the diversity of Indianapolis.


Our focus on safety is relentless, as it should be. We never stop looking for ways to make every rider’s experience even safer.


IndyGo is a workforce of such magnitude that the only way it can work is with exemplary teamwork. We’re Team IndyGo.


We believe respect is a two-way street and a non-negotiable given, both for all our interactions within IndyGo and for all our interactions with our customers. We are a service agency, and true service requires respect.

Our Vision

Enhancing personal and public mobility to catalyze personal and public success.

We’re here to help get you where you’re going — in life — because the first thing you’re going to need is a ride.

Our Goals

  • Align with our customers’ perspectives
  • Pursue and maximize partnerships
  • Foster a collaborative, employee-centric culture
  • Innovate and leverage best practices
  • Establish and sustain a performance-driven organization

Want to learn more? Contact the Strategic Plan Manager.

Our Strategic Plan

From 2017 – 2018, IndyGo developed and created its 10-Year Strategic Plan. After surveying, interviewing, and hosting focus groups for internal and external stakeholders, IndyGo is refocusing and narrowing its direction as it fulfills the Marion County Transit Plan and beyond.

IndyGo wants to ensure that its experts — from Professional Driver/Operators to Mechanics, from Accountants to Human Resource Specialists — better communicate, collaborate, and listen to the needs of our customers and co-workers in order to better connect our community to economic and cultural opportunities through safe, reliable, and accessible rider experiences.