Get up-to-date, real-time Rider Alerts that will help you get where you’re going as conditions change that may alter the schedule of your chosen route.

Get a quick heads up before you head out!

“Anything can happen at any time” is a universal truth, but IndyGo is ready to respond to “anything,” any given day.

Weather, traffic, accidents, and the rare mechanical malfunction can alter any IndyGo route schedule at any time. So before you go, come here first, and check to see if anything’s affecting the schedule on the IndyGo route you’re about to take. Please note that if there’s not a posted alert for your intended route, everything about that route should be on course and on time.

We want to make it easy for everyone to be an informed rider, so here’s your resource page with up-to-date information, or download our free application (download from the App Store or Google Play Store).

Have a great trip!

Public Messages

  • Wear a mask onboard and at the Carson Transit Center. Masks are now required in public spaces by order of the Marion County Health Dept.

  • Know before you go! Receive real time information by texting your stop ID to 463-208-4344 or download myStop, Google Maps or the Transit app available for iPhone or Android.

Rider Alerts

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    Red Line