IndyGo’s needs for products and services are many, varied, and wide-ranging. Survey the lists in this section to get a feel for the scale and scope of our requirements.

Business Services

Contract labor for special projects, uniforms and uniform rental, advertising, security, consulting, legal services, drug-and-alcohol testing, auctioning, retail property broker services, background checks, and management information services.

Capital Improvements

Construction, architectural services, engineering services, appraisals, environmental assessments, surveying and stop amenity installations.

Office Supplies, Maintenance & IT Services

Software applications, office equipment, furniture, copiers, computers, pest prevention, and repair, maintenance and cleaning of passenger shelters.


Workers-compensation, risk-management, and health-benefits insurance.

Operational Vehicles, Supplies and Maintenance Services

Buses, cars, trucks, bus tires, coach bearings, miscellaneous filters, fuels, oils, grease, antifreeze, batteries, bus wheel refinishing, seat re-upholstery, electronics, engine overhauls, transmissions and radiators, radio-and-video equipment maintenance and repair, miscellaneous fasteners, parts washers, and bus-cleaning supplies.

Printing, Promotion & Signage

Brochures, corporate stationery, newsletters, stop signage, and promotional items.

Our Current Projects