Real life doesn’t run on a schedule, so IndyGo Access understands the need for flexible solutions like Taxi Vouchers.

Taxi Vouchers

IndyGo enables its IndyGo Access riders to purchase taxi vouchers to assist in spontaneous travel any time of day, any day of the week. This is done through a lottery system, and vouchers can only be ordered in bundles of 10 (limit one bundle per rider, per month). The cost is $35 per bundle, the same price as 10 IndyGo Access passes.

How to Use Taxi Vouchers

  • Once you receive vouchers, contact a taxi company and ask if they accept the IndyGo Taxi Voucher as a form of payment. IndyGo cannot refer riders to a particular taxi company.
  • Schedule a ride within Marion County. Service outside of Marion County is not covered by the Taxi Voucher.
  • Let the taxi company know whether or not you’ll have a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) and/or companion riding with you.
  • When the taxi arrives, show the driver your IndyGo Access ID and your Taxi Voucher that’s been signed by you or a caregiver.
  • Have the driver fill out the vendor information.
  • The driver will keep the Taxi Voucher and submit it to IndyGo for payment.

If you have questions about the IndyGo Access Taxi Voucher program, please contact the Call Center at 317-635-3344.

Remember, all IndyGo Access materials are available in various formats, including Braille, Spanish and large print.

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