Fare Policy Change

With the implementation of the Marion County Transit Plan, IndyGo is transitioning its bus service to a grid-based network, adding three rapid transit lines, and improving its local routes.

As part of this transition, IndyGo staff has adopted major fare policy change to accommodate and improve the customer experience with the new system.

Prior to the fare policy adoption, IndyGo opened the public comment period on the proposed policy change. The comment period was publicized through regular communication channels in accordance with the Public Involvement Plan

Pass Types Cost Half Fare
2-Hour Transfer Ticket $1.75 $0.85
One Day $4.00 $2.00
10 Trips $17.50 $8.50
 7 Days $20.00 $10.00
31 Days $60.00 $30.00
Open Door One Trip $3.50 N/A
Summer Youth Pass $30.00 N/A
College S-Pass $30.00 N/A
Veterans Pass $2.00 for initial, $5.00 for replacement N/A

*Children age 5 and under ride free with a fare-paying rider, limit two.

Buy Fare Passes Online

Passes are available for purchase at buy.indygo.net.  For more information about Fare Passes, please view the information below.

Buy Passes

In Person
Julia M. Carson Transit Center
201 E. Washington St.
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM – Noon

By Phone
317.635.3344 (Relay Indiana: 711)
Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Please allow 10 business days for shipment.

Click Here to purchase tickets. Please allow 10 business days for shipment.

On Board an IndyGo Bus
Exact change must be used and only One Trip and One Day passes are available.

At Partner Locations

Fare passes are non-refundable and nontransferable; they cannot be sold to other riders.

IndyGo offers half fare pricing to the following individuals with qualifying proof of eligibility:

  • Persons 65 and older with a Government Issued Medicare Card or IndyGo Half Fare ID Card.
  • Youth 18 and younger with a valid K – 12 Student ID or IndyGo Half Fare ID Card.
  • Persons with disabilities with an IndyGo Half Fare ID Card.

To request a Half Fare ID Card, fill out the application (English & Spanish). If you are requesting a Half Fare ID Card due to a disability, a health care professional or agency who can verify the disability must fill out the Half Fare Supplemental Application Form in English or Spanish. Half Fare cards cost $2.00.

IndyGo’s S-Pass program allows local colleges and universities to purchase 31-day bus passes for their students at half price.

  • Only local colleges and universities can purchase the S-Pass for students.
  • Each S-Pass costs $30.
  • Once activated on an IndyGo bus, S-Passes are good for 31 consecutive days.
  • The S-Pass can be used on all bus routes.
  • Unactivated cards will not expire.

Ordering Information:

  • Orders must be placed by a college or university employee by contacting customer service at 317.635.3344. A minimum of 50 passes must be ordered and payment is expected at the time of purchase.
  • Order Forms should be faxed to the IndyGo Customer Service Center at 317.637.0751 or mailed to 201 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204.
  • Please allow up to 10 days for delivery upon IndyGo’s receipt of the order. Purchased S-Passes can also be picked up at the IndyGo Customer Service Center (201 E. Washington St.) within 2 days of receipt of the order.

A Summer Youth Pass allows youth 18 and under to:

  • Receive unlimited bus rides on fixed routes from June 1 – August 31.
  • Travel to Indy parks, museums, a ball game, or even a summer job.
  • Have safe, affordable, and convenient travel.

To use the pass on-board, passengers must show an IndyGo Half Fare Youth ID or K-12 Student ID (if 18 or younger).

Section 132 (f) of the Internal Revenue Code allows employers to provide tax-free public transit, vanpool, and parking benefits to their employees. Contact the Central Indiana Regional Transit Authority (CIRTA) 317.327.7433 for more information.

IndyGo offers free fixed route rides to Veterans with an IndyGo issued pass.

Below are the steps to obtain and use an IndyGo issued Veteran’s Pass:

  • Fill out an application (English or Spanish) in person at IndyGo’s Customer Service located at the Julia M. Carson Transit Center.
  • Provide proof of eligibility. To prove veteran status IndyGo will accept either:
    • Valid US Department of Veterans Affairs ID
    • Valid Government Issued photo ID and DD 214 Certificate of Release/Discharge from Active Duty
  • Have a photo taken at the Customer Service desk for your pass.
  • Wait for the pass to be printed.
  • Pay $2.00 for your pass. Replacement passes cost $5.00 each.
  • Swipe your pass on the bus at the fare box.

*This program does not include Open Door/Paratransit service.

Cards are non-transferable and must be swiped at fare box on-board. Other forms of eligibility will not be accepted on the bus. To access the program, veterans must obtain the IndyGo-issued fare card.  Learn more.

We’re excited to announce MyKey!

MyKey will be ready for you soon! With MyKey, riders have a more convenient way to pay. The new fare system will operate alongside the existing cash fareboxes, which will still be used for cash fare collection and vending of one-day passes. If you qualify for MyKey Reduced Fare Card, visit at the Julia M. Carson Transit Center.

Riders can still pay with cash on the bus for a 2-Hour Transfer Ticket or day pass.

Single rides will remain the same price $1.75 and a day pass is still $4.


Tap and Go

MyKey fare cards are an alternative way to save time and money. Reloadable cards can be purchased at the following locations for your convenience.

There will be a one-time admin fee of $2, for those who purchase a physical card. Mobile purchases will not be subject to the fee.

  • By Calling Customer Service
  • Purchase in-person at the Transit Center customer service desk
  • Purchase MyKey at Ticket Vending Machines located at Red Line stations and Transit Center

Purchase MyKey Fare at retail locations, beginning March 2020 All credit card transactions at ticket vending machines, online, mobile app, on the phone or in-person, will require a $5 minimum unless adding funds to an account.


Validate to Ride

Tap the MyKey card or scan the mobile QR code to validate fare. Every ride needs to be validated using validators on local buses or rapid transit stations.


Mobile QR Code

Access the MyKey app with your smartphone!

The MyKey app features include ride now, add value, plan a trip and the option to view account balances. When ready to ride, validate fare by scanning the QR code.


Using MyKey

Download or Purchase Card

Download the MyKey mobile application on your phone or purchase a reloadable card at any ticket vending machine or at the customer service desk


Register your account through the mobile application, online at IndyGo.net or by calling 317-635-3344

Load Money

Load money to your card or mobile application

Tap or Scan

Tap your card or scan your phone


Enjoy the ride!

Will fare prices still be the same amount?

Yes, this includes fares paid using the MyKey fare system as well as cash payments. Fares will remain $1.75 per trip for full-fare customers and $0.85 for half-fare customers. Day passes will also remain at $4.00 for full-fare customers and $2.00 for half-fare customers.

Where can I purchase MyKey?

IndyGo offers multiple ways to purchase a MyKey Fare Card. MyKey will accept credit or debit cards. Cash transactions will only be made at the Transit Center, Ticket Vending Machines or on any local bus. Cash transactions made on local buses cannot be linked with the MyKey fare system, therefore daily and weekly fare capping will not apply. (See more information under fare capping)

Reloadable MyKey fare cards can be purchased for $2.00 at the locations below. Mobile purchases will not be subject to the fee.

  • By Calling Customer Service
  • Purchase in-person at the Transit Center customer service desk
  • Purchase MyKey at Ticket Vending Machines located at Red Line stations and Transit Center
  • Purchase MyKey Fare at retail locations, beginning March 2020 (Details below)

All credit card transactions at ticket vending machines, online, mobile app, on the phone or in person will require a $5 minimum.

Some MyKey cards are paper cards and some cards are plastic cards. What is the difference?
All MyKey cards function the same, whether they are paper cards or plastic cards. The paper cards are vended from MyKey ticket vending machines, while the plastic cards can be purchased at the Transit Center customer service desk.

Will the existing cash fareboxes remain on IndyGo buses?
Yes, the current cash fareboxes will remain on all IndyGo buses, including bus rapid transit (BRT) buses and local buses (non-BRT).

Where can I find the MyKey mobile app?
The MyKey mobile app is available free of charge in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Registered MyKey card vs unregistered MyKey card?
A registered MyKey card is a card that has been registered to a personal MyKey account. By registering a card to a MyKey account, it is now linked to an individual. An unregistered card is an anonymous card that is not linked to a personal MyKey account. All cards vended from ticket vending machines are initially unregistered but can be registered to a personal account after purchase.

What are the benefits of creating a MyKey account and registering my MyKey card?
By creating a MyKey personal account, riders will be able to manage fare cards online and on mobile device, as well as protect fare card balance. If card is registered and it is lost or stolen, IndyGo can freeze the remaining balance and transfer it to a new card.

Registration also enrolls that card in weekly fare capping. Weekly fare capping gives the peace of mind knowing that payments will not go above the weekly fare cap during any week. Unregistered fare cards do not benefit from weekly fare capping.

Account Management
Register your MyKey account to gain access to the online account-management tools, where you’ll be able upload funds, check balances and view ride history. It’s the simplest way to manage your account and pay for IndyGo service!

What personal information do I need to provide to create a MyKey personal account?
A valid email address is the only information required to open a MyKey personal account. An email is also used to access the MyKey customer website and MyKey app.

I don’t have an email address
Riders can create a MyKey personal account through IndyGo customer service by providing basic information such as name and phone number.

How can I reload money to my account?
Funds can be added to a MyKey fare card in a number of ways:

  • At a ticket vending machine at Red Line stations or at the DTC (cash or credit/debit)
  • On the MyKey mobile app (credit/debit only)
  • On the MyKey customer website (credit/debit only)
  • At the Downtown Transit Center customer service desk (cash or credit/debit)
  • By calling IndyGo customer service (credit/debit only)

What about the current paper passes?
For now, riders can still purchase the preferred paper pass option, however, IndyGo will be phasing out paper pass sales over the next six months and will help transition customers to the MyKey fare system.

All passes will continue to be sold up until the time that a network of retail locations is operational to allow for sales and reloading of MyKey fare cards. This is expected to be available in Spring 2020. More details on the discontinuation of paper passes will be communicated at a later date.

Can I still buy a paper one-day pass on the bus?
Yes, you can! For all cash fare payments on local buses (non-Red Line buses), you will receive a printed paper pass. If paying for a one-day pass ($4.00 full-fare, $2.00 half-fare), riders will receive a timestamped day pass, which is good for service for the rest of the day.

What about transfers?
Whether you use the MyKey mobile app, tap card, or cash, all riders will receive free 2-hour transfers on all local and rapid routes in addition to fare capping!

  • For cash fare payments, customers will receive a two-hour transfer paper ticket vended from the cash farebox. (more details below)
  • The transfer ticket allows for unlimited transfers within two hours of the fare payment.

Can I buy a paper one-day pass on the Red Line?
The Red Line will have all off-board fare collection. Riders will not be able to pay for fare on the bus after boarding. All riders must pay fare prior to boarding using a MyKey fare card or the MyKey mobile app. MyKey fare cards are available for purchase at each Red Line station using a ticket vending machine.

However, IndyGo will continue to allow half-fare eligible riders to pay cash fare on Red Line buses using the on-board farebox. Purchase options will include one-trip (with a two-hour transfer ticket) and a one-day pass. Eligible riders must show proof of half-fare eligibility to the Red Line operator when boarding.

What is fare capping and how does it benefit me?
Fare Capping gives riders an alternative to a week or month pass. It removes the barrier of the upfront cost of passes by providing a “pay as you go” fare structure with a “cap” on the amount paid by a customer. Fare capping is a new feature available only through the MyKey fare system.

  • Weekly fare-capping ($15.75 full fare / $8.65 half fare) only applies to registered MyKey users. Using cash on the bus will not count towards fare capping.
  • Once the maximum fare payment amount is met for a day or a week, a MyKey customer will not be charged any additional fares until the specified time-period has elapsed.

*Note: Fare capping does not apply to Open Door service. Open Door customers are eligible for fare capping when using fixed-route service.

What is the daily fare cap and the weekly fare cap?
IndyGo is implementing a $4.00 daily fare cap ($2.00 for half-fare customers) and a $15.75 weekly fare cap ($8.65 for half-fare customers). These amounts are the highest amount that a MyKey customer will have to pay in a given day or week while using their MyKey fare card or the MyKey mobile app.

How does fare capping work?
The MyKey system will keep track of all trips taken when the MyKey card or mobile app is used. The MyKey system will calculate the amount of fares paid over a one-day or one-week period. After reaching the fare cap, riders will continue to tap card or scan the app. Accounts will not be charged for any trips until the end of the fare cap period.

Do I qualify for reduced fare?
An eligible rider may apply for reduced fare programs at the Transit Center customer service desk. If eligible, customers will receive a photo ID reduced-fare, MyKey Card marked with the proper qualifications.

If I qualify for a reduced fare program now, do I still qualify for half-fare on the MyKey fare system?
Yes! Nothing is changing with reduced fare program enrollment eligibility.

How will the MyKey system know that I am a reduced fare customer?
The MyKey system will allow IndyGo staff to add customers to reduced fare programs. By adding customers to a reduced fare program, the MyKey system will only deduct the reduced fare amount from the enrolled customer’s account balance for each paid trip. For half-fare, only $0.85 will be deducted per trip. For fare-free customers, $0.00 will be deducted per trip.

What if I’m a Veteran?
Veterans will remain free and will receive a MyKey Fare Card.

  • To receive reduced fare, the customer will need to pay with their reduced fare MyKey Fare Card– the mobile app and other media will charge the full fare amount
  • Cash fare payment will remain for eligible customers who provide proof of reduced fare qualification on local routes and BRT (paying with cash on-board BRT vehicles is limited to reduced fare eligible customers only)

Since the Red Line has off-board fare collection, how will IndyGo know whether or not I paid my fare to board the bus?
The Red Line will include fare inspectors that will periodically check passengers for proof of fare payment. Riders will be required to have proof of fare payment in the form of a validated MyKey fare card or a validated MyKey mobile app at all times while at Red Line station platforms or on Red Line buses.

The MyKey system will allow everyone to link their account with other MyKey accounts. This will allow for simple reloading or transfers of account balances for linked accounts using the MyKey mobile app or MyKey customer website.

IndyGo is beginning the process to implement a network of 400+ retail locations across Marion County where customers will be able to buy and reload MyKey fare cards. In the future, all plastic MyKey fare cards will have pre-printed barcodes included that will allow for reloading at participating retail locations.

It is expected that card sales at retail locations will be available in early-Spring 2020. More details will be announced at a later date.