Transit Placemaking and Art Project Opportunities for Indy Artists

Art In Transit is IndyGo’s new initiative that will feature work from local artists at IndyGo bus stops, shelters, stations and/or facilities. We highly value equity, diversity and inclusion and this program will bring local artists together to showcase their beautiful and unique art projects.

We’re looking for projects that:

  • Have a strong likelihood of enhancing the rider experience by making it more enjoyable, useful, interesting, equitable, or relaxing.  
  • Are culturally relevant to the majority of riders.
  • Create a welcoming space for all transit users. 
  • Enhance the environment of our city. 
  • Contribute to the artists’ own creative goals. 
  • Can be executed using existing IndyGo assets or properties without significant alteration. 

If you have a creative eye and want to showcase your artwork throughout the City of Indianapolis, below is a form where you can submit your proposal that will be reviewed by a committee of staff members from IndyGo and the Arts Council of Indianapolis.

For questions about the Art In Transit initiative, please email


Frequently Asked Questions below

Anyone that is interested in applying must be a Marion County resident and at least 18 years of age.

  • January 10: Deadline for Spring/Summer Proposals  
  • January 31: Make Project Selections.
  • Mid-February: Notify Artists
  • March 1: Announce Spring/Summer Programming  
Another round of proposals will be welcomed for fall and winter programming.

Proposals should be made for amounts between $500 and $2,500.  

In addition to artist fees, IndyGo may be able to take on certain costs if it is already part of their normal expenses. 

Regardless of the project’s budget, applicants are encouraged to find partners with whom the cost of design, fabrication, and installation may be shared. While the selection committee strongly encourages applicants to demonstrate committed financial support, there are no penalties assessed for those who do not. 


  • Shelters
  • Seating 
  • Concrete pads at stops/stations 


  • Interior advertising panels 
  • Bus back advertising panel 
  • Full bus wrap (digital or painted) 
  • On-bus live programming: e.g. music, dance, poetry performances 


  • Station signage panels 
  • Station ramp fencing 
  • Glass windscreen 
  • Trash can  
  • Station platform (live programming only) 
  • Platform speakers (recorded programming/sound only) 


  • Inside bus panels 
  • Interior digital screens 
  • Speakers (recorded programming/sound only) 


  • Central lobby: live programming (e.g. music, dance, poetry performances) 
  • Lobby ceiling 
  • Rain gardens and other landscaping 
  • Speakers (for sound-based programming) 
  • Screens 


  • IndyGo is looking for a new logo design! Many transit systems have a main logo or symbol such as the London Underground or the Washington DC Metro. We’d like to have a logo/symbol of our own. Submit a design for IndyGo’s consideration.
  • Any design should consider the following:
    • Our color palette:
  • The logo/symbol should reflect our Mission:
    • To connect our community to economic and cultural opportunities through safe, reliable, and accessible mobility experiences.
    • You can read more information about IndyGo’s mission and values here.
  • Should you submit a logo design, you must fill out the licensing agreement form here and include it with all your submission materials. 


  • Traffic signal control boxes adjacent to transit stops 
  • Murals on walls adjacent to transit stops 
  • To discuss different IndyGo assets, contact the Arts Council to discuss.

Scoring will be made according to the rubric below:  

As a public agency, IndyGo is responsible for maintaining a clean, safe, and accessible forum for ideas.

Politics, social issues, and public policy are key parts of the global conversation and the artist’s creative take on all of these are welcome; however, Art in Transit will not accept project submissions with partisan political statements, inflammatory language or rhetoric, or extremist positions that are harmful to human worth and dignity. Artwork may neither attack, nor advocate for, specific political parties, party platforms, or individual political leaders.

Arts projects may not be used to “sell” products or services.

Artwork promoting agendas held by specific religious or faith traditions will not be accepted.

All science promoted in artistic statements must be evidence-based.

To apply for the Art In Transit program, please visit the form below to apply.

Art In Transit Proposal Form

Submissions for Art in Transit has now closed. Please check back later for an announcement of dates for the second round of submissions sometime in the Spring.

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