Art in Transit

art in transitIndyGo and the Arts Council of Indianapolis recognize that public art invigorates communities, helps create a sense of place, and adds to the quality of life for citizens. To increase neighborhood vibrancy, we have chosen to partner for the next 10 years to develop an “Art in Transit” program that will provide permanent and temporary artworks in public spaces. The Arts Council of Indianapolis has focused on bringing art pieces to public spaces since 1987 and will help IndyGo manage the proposal review process, selection of artists, and installations. The Art Council and IndyGo are exploring and excited about opportunities including spoken word, live music, and performance art at the Downtown Transit Center, at bus stops, and on the buses themselves.

The vision for the Art in Transit partnership is to build a bold, long-term, nationally recognized $5 million public art program. IndyGo has committed a $500,000 investment that will be funded by its transit advertising revenue that is intended to match grants and commission new arts projects.