Choose your adventure on IndyGo’s new bus rapid transit system: The Red Line!

IndyGo appreciates the support and patience of businesses along the Red Line route throughout the construction process, and now we want to help customers get to you!

The Red Line opens for service on September 1, 2019! To celebrate the launch and help riders get comfortable with this new service, IndyGo is offering free rides on the Red Line during the entire month of September.

For businesses located on the Red Line, this is an exciting opportunity to welcome customers who are taking advantage of this new method of traveling the city without the stresses of driving and parking.

How it works:

  • If your business sells food, consider creating a “Taste of the Red Line” menu item or deal.
  • If your business is not food-related, consider providing a limited-edition item for purchase, a small discount, or another exciting special like a raffle or drawing.
  • All participating businesses will be featured on an interactive map on the IndyGo Red Line website.
    IndyGo will provide publicity on social media for this month-long event.
  • Throughout September, riders can “choose their own adventure” by hopping on and off the Red Line (for free) and visiting local businesses!

Interested in participating? Just fill out the form below to get started.


Red Line Adventure - Business Form

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