Your Bus Stop Might Be Changing!

Bus Stop Balancing

As of October 11, 2020, the summer 2020 bus stop balancing efforts has been completed.
In Indianapolis, some of our bus stops are spaced too closely together. On a local bus route, stops should be within a convenient walking distance of each other – about a quarter-mile. If stops are spaced much more tightly than that, buses spend an excessive amount of time stopped for boarding and at red lights. As part of the Marion County Transit Plan, IndyGo is balancing our bus stops to allow people to get where they want to go faster. More detailed information about bus stop spacing can be found in the IndyGo Service Standards Document.
Watch this video from the Transit Center to see how rebalancing bus stops speeds up the service dramatically.
  • Balancing bus stops could mean that a stop is being moved to a new location, consolidated with another stop, or removed entirely.
  • Too many bus stops mean that buses aren’t moving as quickly as they should be.
  • People who can currently reach multiple stops won’t see any difference. For riders at stops that have been moved, the maximum added walk time to a new stop should be ¼ mile – approximately five minutes.
  • This (slightly) longer walk means a faster ride, which will enable people to spend more time doing the things they love.


  • IndyGo will prioritize maintaining stops near points of interest, schools and hospitals.
  • Stops that have lower ridership and pedestrian accessibility issues could be considered for removal.


Look For The Sticker!

Bus stops that will be removed, moved, or consolidated for bus stop balancing will have this sticker posted on them. The bus will continue to serve the stop until the sign has been removed. Don’t worry – this sticker does NOT mean your area is losing bus service. You just need to find your new stop nearby!


Bus stop balancing will require stops to be moved, consolidated, or removed.


Bus stop balancing is happening soon – so use the tools below to be informed and prepared! This map shows the status of every bus stop in IndyGo’s system as IndyGo moves forward with bus stop balancing. Use the search bar to search for a Stop ID or street address to find your stop. Click on the stop to see its location and its status. If you would like to view this map in a different browser window, click here.


If you are unable to access the map, there are three PDFs that list the stops that will be added, removed, and remain the same underneath the map. If you have further questions or need assistance, please contact Customer Service at 317-635-3344.



Upcoming Bus Stop Balancing (List Form)
New Bus Stops Being Added
Bus Stops Being Removed
Bus Stops Staying in Current Location

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