IndyGo Super Stops are no less than a complete rethinking and reinvention of the traditional bus stop concept. Read this section, and you’ll understand why our redesigned Bus Rapid Transit lines need Super Stops to function at peak efficiency.

An IndyGo bus waiting at a Super Stop.

Super Stops

IndyGo Super Stops will make using public transit easier and more accessible. They’ll also help maintain on-time performance, speed up the boarding process, and increase passenger comfort and safety.

Decisions about final lane configuration at Super Stops will consider stakeholder and public input as well as an ongoing traffic-study data for each intersection.

Where will the Super Stops be in downtown Indy?

IndyGo is proposing Super Stops at the following locations:

  • On Delaware at New York
  • On Alabama at New York
  • On Delaware at North
  • On Alabama at North
  • On Fort Wayne Avenue between Sahm Street and 9th Street

In 2020, local buses will arrive more frequently on Delaware and Alabama Streets, with buses arriving every 3-5 minutes.

In 2022, Purple Line Rapid Transit buses will also use Alabama and Delaware en route to and from the Transit Center.

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