IndyGo Developer Content Area

Welcome to the Developer Content Area. IndyGo has made resources available to software developers to promote the use of transit and information related to transit. Thank you for your interest in IndyGo.

At this time developer resources include only a schedule published in the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format. IndyGo does update this file occasionally, so please check for updates to this page. No real-time data is available for third party applications yet. As funds become available to develop APIs and XML feeds of IndyGo bus GPS data and detours/service advisories, IndyGo staff will review options for sharing this data with third parties.

Download IndyGo's GTFS-- updated January 08, 2014

Review the IndyGo GTFS Terms of Use.

You can learn more about  GTFS through the Google Code community.

IndyGo's ability to support the files will be limited. The GTFS format is well-documented and open source, so many support options exist. Questions and comments regarding GTFS or other technology requests can be directed to

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