INDIANAPOLIS – IndyGo is pleased to announce Inez Evans, IndyGo President and CEO, as a new board member of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) 2019-2020 Board of Directors. Five individuals will serve as Executive Committee members and 8 will serve on the APTA Board.

In addition, Evans has been appointed by the APTA Chair Nuria I. Fernandez to serve on the Leadership APTA Committee, a professional development program.

APTA is a nationally known non-profit association overseeing public transportation in North America providing educational information systems for its members across the transportation industry such as research, workforce development programs, and a diverse selection of educational conferences.

Evans came to IndyGo with a 25-year track record as a leader in the transit industry, ready to not only lead IndyGo but to utilize her voice and expertise in reshaping the industry as a whole. As a newly announced member, Evans will add a unique perspective to the APTA board as she has moved through multiple levels of transit organizations, worked in public and private sectors, which have allowed her to develop a distinct voice in the transit world.

“I hope that I can offer a unique voice and useful perspective as we work to provide greater transit access to all populations in all of our communities,” said Inez Evans, IndyGo CEO.

Evans will serve three-year terms on the APTA board along with other newly announced Executive Committee and Board of Directors members. She will also serve a two-year term on the Leadership APTA Committee.

With the selection of Evans on the board, IndyGo will gain a national voice in the transit Industry. Furthermore, as transit development continues in the City of Indianapolis, the ambitious goal of IndyGo to create more mobility advancements in Indianapolis will be recognized for more economic opportunity.



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