“Employment, healthcare, school, entertainment; without IndyGo many

of our citizens wouldn’t be able to get around.”

Community Power Indiana: Beyond the Line

Community Power Indiana: Beyond The Line: tells the story of how the city of Indianapolis is taking a bet on Clean Transportation. Through a fully bi-partisan effort, IndyGo—the Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation—created the first, and one of the largest, fully electric bus rapid transit (BRT) systems in the nation; bringing with it faster, more efficient transit, significant infrastructure upgrades , jobs, community benefits, and cleaner air. IndyGo’s Red Line and forthcoming Purple Line provide a safe, reliable, and economically accessible commute alternative. It’s prompting local families to downsize their single passenger vehicle use, facilitating equitable community revitalization, and activating community by providing direct access to healthcare, employment, education, entertainment, and more.

Community Power Indiana: Beyond The Line, is the third film in a new series of short films by The Redford Center, showcasing community power and storytelling in a collective call for civic engagement around clean transportation.

The documentary features the following:

“This is not a political issue, this is a quality of life issue.”

If you had to guess, which US city would you say had the first fully electric bus rapid transit (BRT) system in the nation? What if we told you it was Indianapolis, Indiana? Watch as this midwestern city ignites its #CommunityPower to become a leading champion of clean energy and accessible transportation.

"Because of the convenience of the Red Line and in particular, the frequency of bus rapid transit, I am 100% a bus commuter."

Access to healthcare, employment, education, and community building are just a few of the outcomes that the city of Indianapolis has been able to achieve by eliminating inequitable barriers and investing in the bipartisan support of clean and accessible transportation.

"The biggest thing that comes to my mind with the Red Line is that amount of seats that are around this bus. You don't feel like you are jam packed. The Red Line has made it easier for alot of people."

“This is not a political issue, this is a quality of life issue.” Watch how the city of Indianapolis came together to ignite the bipartisan support of our nation’s first fully electric bus rapid transit (BRT) system, advocating for their community’s health, opportunities, and future along the way.

Special thanks to the following:

The Redford Center

Far Star Action Fund

League of Conservation Voters (LCV)


The Maven Space for hosting our Indianapolis premiere party


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