Learn About IndyGo’s New Charging Facility

IndyGo recently purchased 6410 N. College Ave, former Key Bank, to house a permanent charging station for the north end of the IndyGo Red Line. IndyGo is excited that this project can offer a commercial space to a partnering organization or entity, as well as provide charging for the service required of the Red Line.

Learn more about the project and watch the virtual public meeting that was held on Tuesday, October 20.

We want your input!

Your feedback can help shape how available space is used at IndyGo’s new charging facility.

We are planning various ways to educate and get input about IndyGo’s new charging facility and seek out a possible tenant, or tenants, for the building.  Below are some ways to participate:

  • Register for drop-by office hours on Tuesday, October 27 at 6410 N. College Avenue. You can learn more about the permanent charging solution and provide your thoughts on the type of tenant, or tenants, you would like to see at our new home.
  • Submit questions and comments through an online comment form by Tuesday, November 3.

Have questions or comments about the new charging facility? Fill out a question and comment form here.

Why was this site chosen for a permanent charging location?

The site is an ideal location for in-route charging. Its location on the route and near the end of the bus line eliminates the need to travel off the route.

What is the timeline for the use of this facility? 

IndyGo anticipates that we could begin using this facility as a layover location as early as mid-February. 

Do the plans require Zoning Board approval? 

No – a transit facility is a permitted use in a C-3, commercial zoning district 

What impacts can we expect to the circulation/flow of traffic, particularly for southbound and northbound on College? 

We expect negligible impact. A traffic study has shown that traffic operations at the intersection of 64th & College will be equivalent to or less when Key Bank was in operation even when traffic returns to pre-pandemic levels.  

Can we expect any changes to traffic light signal timing at 64th & College? 

IndyGo will monitor operations and will work with the Department of Public Works to determine if signal changes are warranted now or in the future  

What is the number of buses that will be using this facility at one time? 

While the site can accommodate three rapid transit vehicles, there likely will be no more than two rapid transit vehicles using the facility at any given time.  

Will the site be a boarding or transfer location for riders? 

We are not encouraging riders to board the Red Line at this location. Riders continuing south from local route 901 should board the Red Line at the 66th Street Station. Riders traveling north of 66th Street should board at the new Route 901 stop located on N. College Avenue.  

How long will buses charge at this location? 

Typically, buses will charge for 10-minutes before returning to service 

Is there any sound associated with the charging?  

The charging system is silent.  The electrical cabinet operates at similar noise levels to a convenience store refrigerator unit.   

What types of limitations does this place on how the building can be used?

The primary purpose of the property is as a transit facility. The need for the facility is two-fold. First, it serves as a permanent charging location for IndyGo’s electric bus fleet and second, as a layover facility for our professional coach operatorsThe existing parking areas and drive aisles are needed to facilitate bus parking and movements on-sitewhich will limit what we can do inside the building, specifically the front half of the buildingAny adaptive reuse of the inside of the building will have to generate very little pedestrian and vehicular traffic. 

Does IndyGo have its own ideas about how the rest of the building might be used?

Yes, we do. While the existing zoning classification would allow for such things as clubs, animal care, check cashing establishments, and grocery stores, the list of possibilities is much narrower. In addition to the possibility of creating a multi-modal transportation facility where we co-locate mass transit, microtransit, bikeshare, and carshare, we could see the front half of the building being used as a business incubator, co-working space, an office space for a community organization, or some combination thereof. What is most important to IndyGo is the opportunity to fill a community need, should one exist. 

Will there be IndyGo customer service at this facility? 

No  there will be no IndyGo customer service or pass sales at this facility. 

What security measures is IndyGo taking on this property? 

Access to the building is by authorized use onlySecurity cameras will be installed and IndyGo will use the facility throughout service hours.  

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