INDIANAPOLIS: Red Line construction is reaching nearly 75% station base completion. Crews are continuing to reinforce bus pads, pour concrete for station foundations, and set the steel canopies. As such, drivers should expect brief lane shifts and turn restrictions at some locations.

Shelby Street

  • Beginning on or after April 3, 150 feet of Shelby Street just north of Southern station will be closed for up to 7 days for bus pad installation.
  • On or after April 10, a short section at the Pleasant Run station location will be closed for up to one week for bus pad installation.
  • Drivers should anticipate lane shifts on Hanna Avenue, Troy Avenue, and Raymond Street on or after April 15 for bus pad installation.

Virginia Avenue

  • A short section of Virginia Avenue (less than one block) is closed for approximately one week just south of New Jersey Street. Access to all businesses, residences, and other properties will always be maintained.
  • Pavement patching and resurfacing will take place at locations along Virginia Ave for the next two weeks.
  • A short section of Virginia Avenue (less than one block) will be closed for approximately one week beginning on or after March 27 just north of Woodlawn Avenue. Access to all businesses, residences, and other properties will always be maintained.
  • Short term (20 minute) closures of one lane will be necessary on Virginia Avenue at the Merrill stations on or after April 3. Please be alert for flaggers who will direct traffic through the work zone.

Meridian Street

  • On or after March 28, drivers should expect a short term (20 minute) closure of one lane on Meridian Street at 14th and 18th Street stations to pour concrete at the station.

College Avenue

  • On or after March 25, crews will shift lanes to the outside curb on College Avenue to allow for the Broad Ripple center station work.
  • Drivers will notice changes to parking and travel patterns between 38th and 50th streets on or after March 25.
  • Lane pattern shifts will occur on 66th Street station on or after April 1 to set station structure.
  • On or after April 1, Bungalow Court will be temporarily closed one-half block east of College Ave for up to one week.

Flaggers will be used to direct traffic through the remaining open lane during the one-lane closures. Drivers should heed all signs and flaggers to safeguard workers, drivers, and pedestrians along the construction route.

Information about all vehicle and pedestrian traffic changes along with updates for bus riders can be found at and by calling 317-635-3344.

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