IndyGo Transit Ambassadors

Help IndyGo spread the word and gather feedback about transit services and projects! IndyGo is seeking energetic and enthusiastic volunteers to join the Winter/Spring Transit Ambassador team. An Ambassador is a trained volunteer that is knowledgeable about transit in Indianapolis – including current routes, route changes, and impacts of the implementation of the Transit Plan. Ambassadors aim to teach others how to use transit, help riders feel confident riding the bus, and communicate information about service changes and/or upcoming projects.  

Eligible volunteers must be at least 18 years old and able to commit to a 6-month term. Ambassadors will be expected to attend regular trainings with IndyGo staff and solicit rider feedback on routes or at events at least 2 times per month during their term.  

Transit Ambassador Terms: 

  • Fall/Winter: October – March 
  • Spring/Summer: April – September 

Transit Ambassador Role: 

  • Provide training and information to passengers on how to ride the bus system 
  • Communicate timely information and offer assistance at the Transit Center and other key locations around the system 
  • Solicit rider feedback at community events and/or while riding routes 
  • Assist in outreach to English-limited populations 

Transit Ambassador Expectations: 

  • Wear Transit Ambassador apparel when volunteering (a shirt, hat, & lanyard will be provided at orientation) 
  • Maintain good tracking records of outreach activities and communicate feedback to IndyGo 
  • Enjoy a FREE bus passes to cover volunteer and engagement events.  

Fill out the form below to apply for a spot on the Winter/Spring Transit Ambassador team! If you have questions, please contact Jerome Horne at

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