IndyGo Transit Ambassadors

DTCIndyGo is looking to recruit energetic and enthusiastic volunteers to join the Transit Ambassador team. The need for Transit Ambassadors stems from the impending June changes to all routes when the Julia M. Carson Transit Center opens. An ambassador’s goal is to educate and assist riders with how to use the transit system and communicate with them about IndyGo service changes and projects.  They are expected to offer a warm welcome, information, and a friendly face to passengers at bus stops, the Transit Center, major bus transfer points, and on board buses.

Eligible volunteers must be at least 18 years old and can commit to six hours of volunteering. IndyGo welcomes a wide range of volunteers including people younger and older, bilingual, people with disabilities, and others. IndyGo will spend 2 hours training Transit Ambassadors on the local transit system in Indianapolis.

Once trained, Transit Ambassadors will:

  • Provide training and information to passengers on how to ride the bus system
  • Provide information and offer assistance at the Transit Center and other key locations around the system
  • Wear Transit Ambassador apparel when volunteering
  • Submit helpful and informative post shift recap comments  to IndyGo
  • Enjoy a FREE 31 Day transit pass and IndyGo promo items as they become available

Why become a Transit Ambassador?

  • Make a difference in your community
  • Help people stay mobile and connected
  • Educate others about transit

If you are interested in becoming an IndyGo Transit Ambassador, please contact Jerome Horne at 317.614.9337.