INDIANAPOLIS — Indy is preparing to host watch parties and events for the once-in-a-lifetime total solar eclipse viewing in the city on Monday, April 8, and IndyGo wants to take you there. Venues such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana State Fairgrounds, Newfields, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and more are holding viewing events and are conveniently located along IndyGo’s routes. By riding transit, attendees can arrive at their designated locations without the hassle of traffic, searching for parking and other challenges often associated with driving a personal vehicle to a big event.

IndyGo encourages all passengers to plan ahead and allow plenty of extra time to reach their viewing destinations early in the day and well in advance of the start of the eclipse. The system will experience service impacts surrounding the eclipse due to a significant increase in traffic as spectators pour into the city from around the world to catch a glimpse in the path of totality. Riders should also prepare for bus service to pause temporarily at the nearest bus stop (where it’s safe to do so) during the brief, dark total eclipse phase and can expect to encounter detours and delays after the event ends.

“With every highly anticipated event like this, delays are to be expected no matter how people decide to travel,” said IndyGo Interim President and CEO Jennifer Pyrz. “With this in mind, we hope visitors and residents will take advantage of the opportunity to ride together on the bus as they wait. Fewer cars on the road will also contribute to reduced traffic congestion.”

Real-time service updates are available by using Google Maps, the MyStop app and other trip planning tools at


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