This service is brought to you by a partnership between AARP Indiana and the IndyGo Foundation 

INDIANAPOLIS — Every citizen has the right to vote, now IndyGo wants to make sure everyone has the RIDE to vote this Election Day. On Nov. 8, IndyGo will be fare-free on both fixed route and IndyGo Access services until 10 p.m. This service is brought to you by AARP Indiana in partnership with the IndyGo Foundation.  

Election Day is a critically important time for us in this country,” said IndyGo President and CEO Inez Evans. “Transportation should never be a barrier for those taking advantage of their civic duty. That’s why IndyGo and its partners worked to ensure no one has to worry about how they will get to the polls to make their voice heard.”  

“Voting is a constitutional right that AARP Indiana believes every eligible person should exercise,” said Addison Pollock, AARP Indiana director of community engagement. “Encouraging people to vote is a cornerstone of our work in Indianapolis. This partnership is just one piece of a sustained effort to make it easier to understand when, where and how to vote. We’re proud to partner with IndyGo to provide free fares to riders on Election Day.” 

Riders can plan their trips using Google Maps, the Transit app, the MyStop app or by visiting our website at


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