NEW YORK, NY – IndyGo was honored with the “Best Service Improvement” award by TransitCenter on Thursday, December 19 in New York City. TransitCenter’s inaugural award ceremony recognizes exemplary work to improve transit service by American transit agencies and DOTs in the past year. IndyGo is receiving the “Best Service Improvement” award for the agency’s comprehensive approach to improving Indianapolis’ transit system. The event honored American transportation professionals in several additional categories including Best Bus Stop Improvement; Best Transit Street; Best Transit Priority Program; Best Communications Initiative; Good Governance Award; and Best Internal Communications Initiative.

On September 1, IndyGo launched the Red Line, the City of Indianapolis’ first battery-electric bus rapid transit line. Simultaneously, IndyGo made major service improvements to its entire system. These improvements included additions to weekday evening service, enhancements to weekend schedules, and every route operating every day of the week.

“Being recognized on a national stage by transportation professionals is a helpful reminder for Indianapolis,” said Bryan Luellen, vice president of public affairs for IndyGo, who received the award on behalf of the agency. “With the support of our community, collectively we’ve made a significant leap towards a more equitable and accessible city. The professionals at IndyGo are working hard to implement best practices for high quality transit service.”

The launch of the Red Line, which operates seven days a week with 10-20 minute frequency, coupled with improvements to local service, has made transit more accessible during evening and weekend hours. In September, the Red Line saw nearly 250,000 riders and IndyGo’s entire system ridership was thirty percent higher than in August.

“The Red Line was a very visible step in a years-long effort to improve the transit system for Indianapolis,” said Inez Evans, President and CEO of IndyGo. “But each day, evening, and weekend, IndyGo is operating our entire system more frequently and more reliably, and that kind of improvement doesn’t get noticed too often by non-riders. In 2020, IndyGo will launch even more frequent transit service, delivering on the promise of a new transit network.”

TransitCenter works to improve transit in order to make cities more just and environmentally sustainable. TransitCenter supports, informs, connects, and funds the civic and public leaders working to make transit better. Through grantmaking, research, technical assistance, and public programs, TransitCenter provides a practical transportation agenda for cities across the country. Learn more about TransitCenter here.


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IndyGo, the Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation, is committed to connecting the community to economic and cultural opportunities through safe, reliable, and accessible mobility experiences. The IndyGo Red Line is the nation’s first fully-battery electric bus rapid transit line, besides California, and provides 10-15 minute service to an average of 7,000 trips per day through the heart of Indianapolis. To learn more, visit our website, follow us on Twitter @IndyGoBus, or call 317.635.3344.

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