INDIANAPOLIS — April showers are bringing more than just May flowers this year. They’re also bringing the first look at one of IndyGo’s newest electric battery buses from RIDE (formerly BYD USA) for the upcoming Purple Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route!

The 60-foot buses will be the gifts that keep on giving once they’re out on the streets. The bus technology uses near zero-emission propulsion systems, which will improve air quality and reduce noise pollution. To further reduce emissions, the agency will produce a portion of the daily energy required to charge the rapid transit vehicles from the solar panels on top of IndyGo’s West Campus facility, located at 1501 W. Washington St.

Since 2015, IndyGo’s efforts of putting hybrid and electric buses into service have already resulted in significant energy savings and positive environmental impacts for the agency and our community:

  • Gallons of diesel saved: 2,158,098
  • Total metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) saved: 14,122
  • Total metric tons of CO2 avoided through solar power: 1,450

The Purple Line is scheduled to launch later this year and will run 15 miles, connecting downtown Indianapolis to the City of Lawrence. It will not only mean the ability to transport more people faster but will also mean significant infrastructure upgrades along the East 38th Street and Post Road corridors. These improvements include nearly 10 miles of sidewalks, more than 350 ADA curb ramps, new street paving, a multi-use path, storm sewer separation and much more to advance the community.

Learn more about the project here. See the video and photos showcasing the bus below.



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