IndyGo’s 2027 Transit Network is designed to be phased in between 2023 and 2027, as there are several conditions that need to be met first. Chief among them is the need to retain and attract bus operators. To understand how IndyGo’s future service plan will enhance mobility in Marion County, see the Future Service Plan overview.

June 2023 Service Modifications

On Sunday, June 11, IndyGo rolled out major service modifications to improve service reliability in response to driver shortages. Many of these changes represented a big step forward when it comes to completing IndyGo’s network redesign as part of its future service plan. They provided more efficient service in the areas that needed it most, while streamlining service where ridership is low. Routes that experienced changes include Routes 2, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 26, 28, 31, 38, 55, 87 and 902. A new route, Route 56, was introduced for the first time.

The following routes underwent what were intended to be temporary frequency changes:

  • Route 11 – 60-minute frequency decreased to 90 minutes.
  • Route 26 – 45-minute frequency increased to 30 minutes.
  • Route 38 – 30-minute frequency decreased to 60 minutes.
  • Route 902 – 30-minute frequency decreased to 45 minutes.

The following routes underwent route changes to better align service while also addressing driver shortages:

  • Route 2 – From downtown, Route 2 travels Delaware to Fort Wayne to 10th Street to College Avenue, continuing up College Avenue to East 38th Street before turning south on Orchard Avenue and back to 34th Street. Route 2 was extended to IndyGo’s East Campus, located at 9503 E. 33rd St.
  • Routes 12 and 13 – Routes 12 and 13 were consolidated and renamed as Route 13. Segments of Route 12, including Beecher Street, Pleasant Run Parkway, Southern Avenue, and portions of Minnesota Street and Perkins Avenue, were removed. The segment of Route 13 along Raymond between State Street and Perkins Avenue was also removed as part of this consolidation.
  • Route 16 – As part of the restructuring of service in southeast Indy, Route 16 no longer serves segments of Albany Street or Troy Avenue between Keystone Avenue and 17th Street, Main Street or Emerson Avenue. Service along Main Street and Emerson Avenue is now picked up by the new Route 56.
  • Route 26 – Also as part of the restructuring of the service in southeast Indy, this crosstown route was realigned to provide a faster, more direct route between the Community Justice Complex and the Julia M. Carson Transit Center. The 45-minute frequency during the week changed to 30 minutes. On weekends, frequency is now 1 hour and 15 minutes. While portions of the service along this route went away, the Route 16 realignment covers the southeast portion of Route 26 from Troy Avenue to Thompson Road.
  • Route 28 – A small segment of Route 28 was removed to mitigate the safety concerns that exist when traveling along Spring Mill Road between 64th Street and Kessler Boulevard during weather events. No new stops were created along 64th or Meridian streets, however.
  • Route 31 – This route now ends at Greenwood Park Mall instead of Community South Hospital. Riders can still access the hospital on inbound trips from County Line Road.
  • Route 38 – In addition to the change in frequency, the segment of Route 38 that travels along Massachusetts Avenue was removed. Instead, Route 38 now travels along 10th Street and Fort Wayne Avenue to and from downtown.
  • Routes 14, 55 and 56 – Due to low ridership, Routes 14 and 55 were consolidated to create the new Route 56. Route 14’s service along Prospect Street between Shelby Street and Southeastern Avenue were removed but picked up by Route 26. Additionally, Route 55’s service east of Sherman Drive, along English Avenue, was removed. Route 56 now takes over Route 16’s service traveling to downtown Indy and downtown Beech Grove along Main Street.

As a reminder, these changes move the agency closer to implementing its network redesign, which was first shared in 2016 in response to a decades-long public outreach and engagement process. IndyGo’s Future Service Plan, the 2027 Transit Network, adheres to the vision previously developed and reflects the changes in how people travel. Previous efforts to activate these changes came to a halt with the COVID-19 pandemic. An update to this plan was approved by the IndyGo Board of Directors in November 2022, after several months of additional outreach, public engagement and community meetings. Learn more about IndyGo’s newest Future Service Plan here.

Riders needing assistance planning their trips can visit the Plan Your Trip webpage here or call IndyGo’s Customer Care Center at 317-635-3344.


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