indygo_bikeandbusWith weather getting nicer each day, a bike ride or even walk to your closest bus stop can be quite enjoyable. May, National Bike Month, is an opportunity to test the benefits of bicycling and encourage more folks to give it a try.

If you’d like to learn more about bicycling, IndyCog, a local non-profit and bicycle advocacy group is hosting an annual Bike to Work Day celebration on May 15.  The day begins with bike trains from various locations around the city and end at the Bike Hub YMCA, where breakfast and coffee will be served to attendees. All day bike parking, showers & lockers will be available in the Bike Hub for those that ride in and various supporting organizations will be on hand with bicycling tidbits. Like did you know that all of our buses can hold two or three bikes? We’ll be there teaching people how to bike and bus with our bike racks to further their trips.

If you’d like to win prizes for riding your bike on Bike to Work Day or anytime this summer, Downtown Indy is rewarding people who log their care free commutes (by riding the bus, biking or walking)!

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