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MyKey is IndyGo’s new account-based fare system. It’s a whole new way to pay for your ride! On the MyKey system, you’ll have options – you can pay your fare with a QR code right on your smartphone, or you can choose to get a tap card. Please note – new MyKey fare media from TVMs will cost $2, but that cost is returned to you in fare value when you link the card to your account! Would you rather pay digitally? Give the MyKey mobile app a try – available in the Apple App and Google Play stores! We’re excited for you to try MyKey!

Each lesson will go over a new piece of the MyKey system. Check out the video series below.

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Using MyKey is simple!

How does MyKey work?

If you’re a mobile app user, you can download the MyKey mobile app, create an account, and add value to your account. Then, just scan the app’s QR code at a MyKey validator, and the cost of your ride will be withdrawn from your account.

Prefer to use a tap card? You can purchase reloadable tap cards at the Julia M. Carson Transit Center, at ticket vending machines located at Red Line stations, and by calling IndyGo’s Customer Service. Once you have a card, you can register it. Then, you can add and reload value to your account using the MyKey website, MyKey mobile app, ticket vending machines, or through Customer Service.

Why should I register my MyKey card?

An unregistered card is an anonymous card that is not linked to a personal MyKey account. All cards vended from ticket vending machines are unregistered until you register them to your account after purchase. There are multiple reasons to register your MyKey card.

  • Account Security: If your card is registered to you, Customer Service can help you freeze it in the event the card is lost or stolen.
  • Weekly Fare Capping: Only registered MyKey cards are eligible for weekly fare capping.

Will fare prices still be the same amount?

Yes, this includes fares paid using the MyKey fare system as well as cash payments. Fares will remain $1.75 per trip for full-fare customers and $0.85 for half-fare customers. Day passes will also remain at $4.00 for full-fare customers and $2.00 for half-fare customers.

Fare Capping gives you an alternative to a weekly or monthly bus pass. It removes the barrier of the upfront cost of passes by providing a “pay as you go” fare structure with a “cap” on the amount you pay. Fare capping is a new feature available only through the MyKey fare system.

  • Daily fare cap: $4.00 full fare / $2.00 half fare.
  • Weekly fare cap: $15.75 full fare / $7.65 half fare. Your tap card must be registered to your account to be eligible for weekly fare capping.

Once the fare cap amount is met within a single day or transit week, you will not be charged any additional fares until the start of a new day or transit week.

What is the daily fare cap and the weekly fare cap?
IndyGo is implementing a $4.00 daily fare cap ($2.00 for half-fare customers) and a $15.75 weekly fare cap ($7.65 for half-fare customers). These amounts are the highest amount that a MyKey customer will have to pay in a given day or week while using their MyKey fare card or the MyKey mobile app.

How does fare capping work?
The MyKey system will keep track of all trips taken when the MyKey card or mobile app is used. The MyKey system will calculate the amount of fares paid over a one-day or one-week period. After reaching the fare cap, riders will continue to tap card or scan the app. Accounts will not be charged for any trips until the end of the fare cap period.

Where can I purchase MyKey?

IndyGo offers multiple ways to purchase a MyKey Fare Card. MyKey accepts credit or debit cards. Cash transactions can be made at the Carson Transit Center, Ticket Vending Machines or on any local bus. Cash transactions made on local buses cannot be linked with the MyKey fare system, therefore daily and weekly fare capping will not apply. (See more information under fare capping)

Reloadable MyKey fare cards can be purchased for $2.00 at the locations below. Mobile purchases will not be subject to the fee.

  • By Calling Customer Service
  • Purchase in-person at the Transit Center customer service desk
  • Purchase MyKey at Ticket Vending Machines located at Red Line stations and Transit Center

All credit card transactions at ticket vending machines, online, mobile app, on the phone or in person will require a $5 minimum.

Some MyKey cards are paper cards and some cards are plastic cards. What is the difference?
All MyKey cards function the same, whether they are paper cards or plastic cards. The paper cards are vended from MyKey ticket vending machines, while the plastic cards can be purchased at the Carson Transit Center customer service desk.

Will the existing cash fareboxes remain on IndyGo buses?
Yes, the current cash fareboxes will remain on all IndyGo buses, including bus rapid transit (BRT) buses and local buses (non-BRT).

How can I reload money to my account?
Funds can be added to a MyKey fare card in a number of ways:

  • At a ticket vending machine at Red Line stations or at the Carson Transit Center (cash or credit/debit)
  • On the MyKey mobile app (credit/debit only)
  • On the MyKey customer website (credit/debit only)
  • At the Carson Transit Center customer service desk (cash or credit/debit)
  • By calling IndyGo customer service (credit/debit only)

Registered MyKey card vs unregistered MyKey card?
A registered MyKey card is a card that has been registered to a personal MyKey account. By registering a card to a MyKey account, it is now linked to an individual. An unregistered card is an anonymous card that is not linked to a personal MyKey account. All cards vended from ticket vending machines are initially unregistered but can be registered to a personal account after purchase.

What are the benefits of creating a MyKey account and registering my MyKey card?
By creating a MyKey personal account, riders will be able to manage fare cards online and on mobile device, as well as protect fare card balance. If card is registered and it is lost or stolen, IndyGo can freeze the remaining balance and transfer it to a new card.

Registration also enrolls that card in weekly fare capping. Weekly fare capping gives the peace of mind knowing that payments will not go above the weekly fare cap during any week. Unregistered fare cards do not benefit from weekly fare capping.

Account Management
Register your MyKey account to gain access to the online account-management tools, where you’ll be able upload funds, check balances and view ride history. It’s the simplest way to manage your account and pay for IndyGo service!

What personal information do I need to provide to create a MyKey personal account?
A valid email address is the only information required to open a MyKey personal account. An email is also used to access the MyKey customer website and MyKey app.

I don’t have an email address
Riders can create a MyKey personal account through IndyGo customer service by providing basic information such as name and phone number.

What about the current paper passes?

IndyGo will continue to accept the current paper pass system until further notice.

Can I still buy a paper one-day pass on the local buses?
Yes, you can! For all cash fare payments on local buses (non-Red Line buses), you will receive a printed paper pass. If paying for a one-day pass ($4.00 full-fare, $2.00 half-fare), riders will receive a timestamped day pass, which is good for service for the rest of the day.

What about transfers?
Whether you use the MyKey mobile app, tap card, or cash, all riders will receive free 2-hour transfers on all local and rapid routes in addition to fare capping!

  • For cash fare payments, customers will receive a two-hour transfer paper ticket vended from the cash farebox. (more details below)
  • The transfer ticket allows for unlimited transfers within two hours of the fare payment.
  • MyKey fare media allows riders to transfer for free for two hours

Can I buy a paper one-day pass on the Red Line?
The Red Line will have all off-board fare collection. Riders will not be able to pay for fare on the bus after boarding. All riders must pay fare prior to boarding using a MyKey fare card or the MyKey mobile app. MyKey fare cards are available for purchase at each Red Line station using a ticket vending machine.

Do I qualify for reduced fare?
An eligible rider may apply for reduced fare programs at the Transit Center customer service desk. If eligible, customers will receive a photo ID reduced-fare, MyKey Card marked with the proper qualifications.

If I qualify for a reduced fare program now, do I still qualify for half-fare on the MyKey fare system?
Yes! Nothing is changing with reduced fare program enrollment eligibility.

If you currently qualify for reduced fare, you will still qualify on the MyKey system. When MyKey is fully implemented, you’ll need to get a new MyKey reduced-fare ID card. Stay tuned for more information about when reduced-fare MyKey cards will be available!

What if I’m a Veteran?

Yes, you’ll need a MyKey Veterans Pass. These cards are available now at the Julia M. Carson Transit Center during Retail Desk hours. There’s no cost for a MyKey Veterans Pass if you’re exchanging your old IndyGo Veterans Pass.

  • To receive reduced fare, the customer will need to pay with their reduced fare MyKey Fare Card– the mobile app and other media will charge the full fare amount
  • Cash fare payment will remain for eligible customers who provide proof of reduced fare qualification on local routes and BRT (paying with cash on-board BRT vehicles is limited to reduced fare eligible customers only)

The MyKey system allows everyone to link their account with other MyKey accounts. This will allow for simple reloading or transfers of account balances for linked accounts using the MyKey mobile app or MyKey customer website.

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