How to Use

IndyGo is using temporary fare vending machines at Red Line stations and the Julia M. Carson Transit Center until the MyKey system is ready to be launched. Fare Inspectors visually verify the validity of fare on the Red Line.



  • Two-Hour Transfer Ticket (Full and Half Fare)
  • Day Pass (Full and Half Fare)
  • Week Pass (Full Fare)

PLEASE NOTE: Fare is immediately active at time of purchase. Fare vending machines do not give change. Fare vending machines will not accept bills greater than the nearest $5 increment (Example: For a $4.00 transaction, the machine would accept a $5 bill, but not a $10 bill). Riders using a half-fare pass will be required to show proof of eligibility.


  • Leave credit / debit cards inserted in the fare vending machine until prompted to remove
  • Insert coins one at a time


When boarding at a Red Line station, have your fare ready before the rapid transit vehicle arrives. If you’re using fare purchased at a fare vending machine, simply board the Red Line through any door and find a seat. Hold on to your ticket in case a Fare Inspector requests to see your proof of payment.

Current paper passes (Single Trip, Day Passes, 7-Day Passes, 10-Trip Passes, and 31-Day Passes purchased at Customer Service or online) will also be accepted on the Red Line. However, if you’re using a paper pass that needs to be activated or validated, you must do so at the farebox located at the front of the bus. On the Red Line, you’ll need to insert Single Trip Tickets at the farebox. Activate Day Passes, 7-Day Passes, and 31-Day Passes at the farebox only if you’re using them for the first time. On additional trips, you can simply find a seat and a Fare Inspector will check your activated pass to verify it is still valid. You’ll need to insert your 10-Trip Pass at the farebox each time you use it to keep count of your rides. To learn more about IndyGo’s paper pass system, click here.

Follow the on-screen directions to select your fare and pay with either cash or a credit/debit card.

Fare Inspectors

You’ll see Fare Inspectors onboard rapid transit vehicles and on station platforms. Fare Inspectors may ask to see your proof of payment to ensure you’ve paid and/or validated your fare. When a Fare Inspector announces they are going to begin fare inspections, please have your proof of payment ready.



Fare Evasion Warning Types

Fare Inspectors may issue warnings to riders on the Red Line without valid fare. Below are descriptions of the different warning types.

  • No proof of paid fare – All riders are expected to have proof of payment for their ride. Please visit the IndyGo Fares & Passes page for more information about the acceptable fare.
  • Fare ticket/pass expired – Fare Inspectors are checking to make sure your pass or paper ticket was valid at the time of boarding.
  • No proof of half-fare eligibility – If you’re paying with a half-fare paper ticket, you’ll need to present proof of eligibility for half-fare. Click here for eligibility requirements.
  • Misuse of personalized fare media – Fare Inspectors are checking to make sure the rider using a fare card is the person pictured on the fare card if it includes a photo ID.
  • Failure to validate fare media – If you’re paying with a MyKey fare media, you need to tap your card on a station validator to validate before boarding.

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