UPDATE:  All Bus Bays are open as of Friday, April 27, 2018.


Beginning on or after Thursday, February 22, bus bays O, P, Q, R, S, & T will be closed to repair pavement on Pearl St. Many routes will board at different locations to accommodate the construction.

Disruptions will last for approximately 3 weeks, potentially longer depending on weather. For the duration of construction, buses may be double parked at some bays. Please use caution when boarding and exiting the bus.

Routes 5 and 6 will use different bays depending on time of day due to limited space.

One new temporary boarding location will be added on Delaware St., just south of the traffic light at the Transit Center.

Temporary Boarding Locations During Construction:

Route Weekday Saturday Sunday
2 H B B
3E K K K
3W B B B
4 C C until 8pm, then D
5 B until 8pm, then K J until 7pm, then M J until 7pm, then K
6 B J until 7pm, then K J until 7pm, then M
8E L L L
8W A A A
10E D D D
10W C C C
11 B
12 H H H
13 H H H
14 J J J
15 D D D
16 K B
17 E E E
18 N N
19 F F F
21 Temp. Stop on Delaware K
22 J
24 Temp. Stop on Delaware K
25 K H
28 N N N
31 M M M
34 M C F
37 E E E
38 F F F
39 G G G
55 B

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