A few weeks ago we asked riders on social media “What makes you cringe on the bus?”.  We’ve distilled the answers down to the three most egregious offenses and have tried to address how you can fix them if you’re one of the perpetrators (we know that could never be you though).

1.   Talking loudly on your phone or listening to music on speakerphone.

in an age of nearly unlimited choice for tech accessories, there’s no reason to use your speakerphone when talking on a phone in public.  Remember, in close quarter on a crowded bus, no one wants to listen to your favorite tunes except you. Please wear headphones while listening to your music, and keep the phone conversations to a reasonable level.

2.   Smelly Food.

While that chicken moo shoo might taste great to you as you chomp it down on the bus, everyone else is cringing at the smell of it. And not to mention, eating on the bus is against IndyGo policy for a good reason. You get to leave the bus, but your ketchup spill stays behind on that bus before it gets back to the garage for nightly cleaning.

3.   Smoking.

This mainly applies to those who smoke in or around bus stops.  In compliance with city ordinances, smoking, which includes e-cigarettes is prohibited in IndyGo bus shelters and on the buses. It’s a punishable offense, and anyone can report you to the Marion County Public Health Department at 317.221.2000. We don’t care if you smoke, just please walk at least 25 feet away from the bus stop or shelter so that others aren’t stuck inhaling your smoke.

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