IndyGo Recognizes Two Service Areas

IndyGo is taking a significant step to ensure a more reliable, convenient and enhanced rider experience for paratransit users. Currently, IndyGo operates ADA-level service countywide, beyond what is federally mandated, which presents challenges that impact riders and the agency. Beginning January 2023, the Beyond the ADA Policy takes effect to recognize two service areas. This includes the ADA-mandated area (3/4 of a mile on either side of existing bus routes) and a new area known as IndyGo Access Premium. This premium service offers a new same-day service option as availability allows and premium pricing.

IndyGo will continue to provide countywide service. Establishing two service areas will permit the agency to improve its performance in the required ADA area while offering a new service to the area beyond the ADA-mandated zone.

IndyGo Access Riders Fixed Route Policy Change

Effective Jan. 1, 2023, IndyGo Access riders will no longer qualify for free rides on IndyGo fixed route service. A MyKey Half Fare Card will be required for qualified paratransit riders to ride the system’s regular fixed routes. Half Fare Cards offer $0.85 rides to eligible individuals. The IndyGo Board of Directors first approved the new fare policy in 2019.  

IndyGo Access Service Areas

ADA Service Area

  • Service area federally mandated
  • Within ¾ of a mile on either side of bus route
  • $3.50 per one-way trip within the area
  • Trips within the area not affected by policy change

Premium Service Area

  • Service area not federally mandated
  • Outside ¾ of a mile either side of the bus route and up
    to the boundaries of IndyGo’s service area
  • $7.00 per one-way trip to, from or within the area
    New same-day service option – $10.00 per trip –
    only available for trips that begin and end in the
    premium service area.

See What Service Area You Are In

Do you live or travel outside the mandated ADA service area? Enter an address on the map. If the address is within the blue, it is within the ADA mandated paratransit service area for our current route network. The area outside of the blue represents where IndyGo is seeking input on how to operate paratransit service in the future. 

Disclaimer: This map tool is for planning purposes. The actual determination of whether an address is in or out of the ADA boundary line may be determined through a future process.


IndyGo understands that even the most favorable changes may require time for adjustment. Current clients, as of October 2022, who take trips to, from or within the premium service area will be exempt from the new policy until January 2025, unless their place of residence changes or their client eligibility ends. New clients who live or travel to the area outside of the ADA area as of October 2022 will fall under the new policy in January 2023.

On September 23, 2021, the IPTC Board of Directors reviewed, considered and adopted the Beyond ADA policies. A summary of the changes:

  • Beginning January 1, 2023, IndyGo will have two service areas – ADA and Beyond ADA (branding pending).
  • Individuals who become eligible clients following January 1, 2023 and have trips that begin or end in the Beyond the ADA area will be subject to the new policies.
  • Trips that begin or end outside the ADA will have a fare of $7.00 per one-way trip.
  • Hours from the service will deviate from existing hours
  • There will be no trip prioritization.

For more details, please review the Beyond ADA policy above.  If you have additional questions, please contact the IndyGo Customer Care Center.

From March 2021 to September 15, 2021, IndyGo conducted outreach as part of the Beyond ADA project. For more information about the policy and IndyGo’s outreach efforts, visit the Beyond ADA webpage here.

Why are we offering this new service?  

IndyGo currently provides ADA-level service countywide, meaning that we maintain the service characteristics required by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) to the area beyond the required ADA service area, which is only meant to cover areas within three-fourths mile on either side of fixed route and at times when fixed-route service is not running. Recognizing there are in fact two service areas will permit IndyGo to focus on improving its performance in the required ADA area, while offeringa new service to the area beyond the ADA.  

How was the community involved in the process?  

IndyGo offered several opportunities for the public to participate in the development of the draft policy. In-person and virtual meetings were offered during the months of March and April 2021, all of which were in addition to the community engagement efforts that were available throughout 2020. These facilitated, 90-minute meetings provided anyone with an opportunity to influence the design of the new service. IndyGo also hosted individuals from human service agencies, such as Bosma Enterprises, during this same period. 

Learn more about how we partnered with the community here

In the hours when service is not available for IndyGo Access Premium service, what options are available to someone who is eligible to ride Open Door?  

IndyGo vouchers for its transportation network company (TNC) partners will still allow for travel. Private, nonprofit modes of transportation may also be made available by other agencies.  

Why is the fare higher for IndyGo Access Premium than the fare for IndyGo Access?  

IndyGo Access Premium is a premium service that is being offered toIndianapolis residents. The higher fare reflects the cost of providing this service, as well as the premium nature of the service.  

Why is the fare set at $10.00 for same-day service?  

Same-day service is a premium service and something that is not yet offered by IndyGo. 

The policy states trips in the premium service area may be denied, which is something that cannot happen in the ADA-required service area. What does that mean for eligible paratransit riders?  

IndyGo staff will work to ensure few, if any trips, are denied in the premium service area. IndyGo may ask for more flexibility from riders when booking trips for Beyond ADA. IndyGo staff will update the denial rate and work to ensure the rate is low.  

Will the same-day service be offered for the ADA service area?  

Currently, there is no plan to offer same-day service for the ADA service area clients. There are rules and regulations that dictate the level of service that must be provided to clients traveling within the required ADA service area. IndyGo staff will monitor the same-day service offering in the Beyond ADA area to gain a better understanding of how same-day service might be able to be incorporatedasa premium service for its Open Door service. 

IndyGo accommodates all reasonable requests for access to large print, Braille and other special services for non-English speakers or people with disabilities. If any special modifications or accommodations are needed, please let an IndyGo staff member know in advance by calling the Customer Care Center at 317.635.3344, filling out the online comment form, or by speaking to an IndyGo staff member in person. Please allow for a 10 business day turnaround on printed pieces.

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