Give IndyGo a try this month to help celebrate Earth Month and do your part to help our environment.

Did you know 37 million metric tons of carbon emissions and 4.2 billion gallons of gasoline are saved due to use of public transportation use in the United States every year? Or that transportation accounts for 29% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions? Or how about the fact that public transit makes up less than 10% of that share, while automobiles make up 57%?

If that’s not enough of a reason for you to give IndyGo a shot, according to the EPA air pollutants, which are reduced by having less cars on the road (Hint: that’s what public transit does) can cause a variety of respiratory issues such as asthma and even lung cancer.

We take being being a good steward of our environment seriously here at IndyGo, we’ve procured 17 hybrid buses which make up 10% of our fleet, ensured our Downtown Transit Center qualifies for a minimum of LEED Silver Certification, installed solar panels at our administrative building and use only environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals to name just a few of our green practices.

By riding IndyGo fuel is conserved, air pollution decreases and Indy’s carbon footprint is reduced for the entire region, not just for those who use it.

So celebrate Earth Month by taking the bus! Perhaps take it to the Earth Day Indiana Festival, to visit with us and learn more about our love for the environment.

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