Picture of Bates-Hendricks BenchDo you ever wonder why there is a black trashcan at some bus stops but not at others?  It means that stop is one of IndyGo’s 200 bus stops that have been adopted by individuals, businesses and community organizations through our Adopt-A-Stop program. The program helps keep litter off streets and IndyGo build capacity for maintaining its more than 4,000 bus stops.

Adopters can get a trashcan at their stop if they simply agree to pick up litter around their stop and empty the bin when full for a one-year period. In exchange, IndyGo supplies the adopters with trash bags and a five one-day passes for their support.

Some neighborhoods have gotten very creative with their adopted stops. The Bates-Hendricks Neighborhood Association raised funds to buy and install a custom bench at a stop that lacked the ridership for IndyGo to install one per the bus stop guidelines. Once the neighborhood expressed interest, IndyGo worked with Bates-Hendricks to secure right-of-way (ROW) permitting to allow a bench to be installed at their recently adopted East and Orange Streets stop.

If you or your organization would like to participate in the Adopt-A-Stop program or install a bus stop amenity, follow this link and fill out the online form. Our transit planning team will then get in touch with you!

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